Wednesday, June 14, 2006


So last night Nick and I got home and passed out while Belle ate her dinner, yay for not choking on macaronni and cheese while her parents were MIA. And after our nap we decided to rent a movie and just spend some time together. While Nick was out getting the movie and the necessary slurpees I finished up the laundry and decided to pack my trunk for the move. I do not own a dresser, but a trunk of my great grandmothers when she came over from England, and so I took everything off the hangers, removed my maternity wardrobe and packed that thing. Yay for an accomplishment. Nick came home and decided to get in the action, so he downsized his closet, (we both got rid of our rag tag items) and he shrunk his t-shirt collection by 50% I'm sure. We loaded four big black garbage bags of clothes and sheets and such into the car. It felt good to have that done.

Then we came out to watch the movie. But Belle had terrorized the house and all sorts of papers were everywhere. So we gathered up all the loose papers in our "office" piled them on the coffee table and began to sort through them while watching the movie, (which by the way was Waiting starring Ryan Reynolds and I wouldn't recommend it to a soul). We managed to downsize all of our office clutter into about 3 boxes, which is impressive.

The movie ended and we both had a minor heart attack, 12:30am! Why are we still up we both have to work! But we were both wide awake. That led to some general tidying up and then we needed a snack. Nick promptly inhaled his food and passed out on the couch. I however remained awake until 5:30am at which point my mind was still functioning but my body began to tremble. Despite trying to will myself not to I took my body to bed.

I did not make it into the office this morning, that is a mess up! Luckily I have a gal on the inside who can fix this mistake for me. I also did not do as much calling for my contract job as I had hoped to so I have a busy day again tomorrow. I have no idea why I get so much energy in the late evening. I usually make myself go to bed and toss and turn until about 4:00am. It's so not fun, and I can't figure out how to fix it, (sidenote, it's not the caffeine in the slurpee I am officially immune).

So, I still have some chores to do and tomorrow and Friday will be busy fixing my mess ups, but the house is so tidy that while Nick is away from Friday to next Thursday I can spend all my free time scrapbooking! Yay.

But I really would like to sleep like a normal person!


Jen said...

Learn to sleep! You need it Amanda. :) Valerian.

T said...

I can't remember the last time I saw all the way to 5:30 am. I often see it after sleeping for a few hours though (pee break). It is a rather ungodly hour!

Slurpees and a movie sound good...maybe we'll do that tonight (thankfully there is a Macs in town cause they're one of my addictions...especially during pregnancy, maybe explaining why Gid was so big.)

Hope you get some decent sleep. T.

Anonymous said...

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