Friday, June 23, 2006

Stuck at work

I am quite literally stuck at work right now. It's 11:30 and I do have a zillion things to do at home, I am finished all work related tasks so there is no reason for me to still be here, but I cannot leave. They are having a farewell lunch for me and two other ladies today. Since I'm one of the "guests of honor" I have to stay put. I do however have to leave by 12:00 so that Nick can get to work on time, so hopefully the greasy pizza gets here soon.

Farewell lunches are so funny to me. People in this office don't even know who I am but they've all signed a card wishing me the best. And we'll sit around and eat and no one who doesn't know me will talk to me, it's just awkward. 20 people crammed in a lunch room for 5, lips smacking away, augh. I can't wait for lunch to be over.

Speaking of lunch, thanks for the suggestions. I ate yesterday and although I had a longer nap than intended when I woke up I felt ready to go again! It's so funny how many people said "egg salad sandwiches" just because I was thinking about them and how long it's been since I had one and how I don't actually know what goes in "egg salad" besides egg. I'll have to figure that out and play around.

Okay, enough hiding in the office, here's hoping the pizza is here already so I can get chowing and get home.


Jen said...

Enjoy the pizza! Yum.

The best egg salad is egg, mayo, green onion, S & P and paprika. Delish!

Angella said...

Now I want an egg salad sandwich...


Hope the lunch was bearable!

erica said...

its funny when your pregnant and you have a nap you wake up wanting more nap. make sure you keep eating lots of iron deary...if i may be your mom? it gives you more energy!

motherinlaw said...

Funny lunch story, Amanda.
Eating with Belle also shows her how it is done. lol

Anonymous said...

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