Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I am finding it rather hard to get back in the groove of blogging. I desire to, I really find it a great way to document the little tidbits that might otherwise get forgotten in the constantness of life, but we currently are routineless and life is suffering. So while I try to get redirected and back on track, here are a few random moments in our life.

At church after the service our kids are all going bananas and Isabella will not stay still. Our sanctuary is in the middle of the building so you can walk around it in a complete circle. Isabella likes to do the half circle, cutting through the sanctuary and so we let her go for it. It's pretty easy to keep an eye on her knowing how long it takes her to run her route, and the church had mostly emptied out. A few too many minutes had gone by so I went to look for her. I'm walking and all I can hear is someone knocking on a door and a small voice saying 'Hello?'. I call out to that small voice; "Belle where are you?". "I'm stuck in the bathroom." She managed to push her way into the men's bathroom but could not pull herself out.

After a long day we went to McDonalds for supper before picking up Nick from work. We were in our booth and the girls were doing a great job of eating. A man with two boys entered and sat at the booth next to us. The youngest boy looked about Belle's age. They began making faces at each other et cetera. I noticed the man wanted his son to eat so I tried to coax Isabella into turning around to eat her food. I was met with this reply; "But mom, I'm checking out the boys."

Isabella has learned to use a book to push up her lightswitch and everyone knows when the lights are on it's time to play. We put her to bed at 7:00 and she was up playing until 1:30am. We tried several times to turn off the light for her and such, all to no avail. One thing we learned though, she has an amazing imagination.

You will notice Brooklyn missing from these tidbits. She still isn't talking and she will not sit still. I'm not exaggerating, we cannot get her to be still unless she is sleeping!

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The First Month

The old adage is really true. This is my baby whom only a few short weeks ago was still safely nestled within my womb. She is alert, with big blue eyes, taking in the whole world at once. She holds her head up with ease for as long as she likes soaking up the images and colors around her; choosing when to rest her head upon my shoulder and settle into sleep. Her arms already support her torso as she looks up from the floor with a quizical expression trying to figure out what the other little people in our home are doing around her so busily. She is already so big, so strong, so established in our lives.

Kathryn is great. At her one month check up she weighed in at 9 lbs 4 oz putting her around the 50th percentile- which for my children is amazing. She is shockingly strong and mobile in comparision to my other two at this age. Ofcourse there are still times of inexplicable crying which grate on the nerves, or when she screams to let me know her unfulfilled desire to be held at this particular moment that my hands are full with other childcare tasks.

Already I can feel the days passing at an alarming rate and there are many times I simply throw up my hands as I want her to stay small forever and hurry up and get big so we can interact with each other. I look around at other families who were in this place a few short years ago and I smile and I laugh for in the blink of an eye my life will go from doing everything to watching everything and it is all good.

Saturday, January 19, 2008


It feels good to be getting back to a routine which I hope will come to include regular doses of blog land really soon. I have about 600 photos from the last two weeks, and as soon as I can figure out how to access them I will. I am looking forward to catching up on everyone's posts very much-and there seems to be a tonne of them. I guess that's one of the joys of winter; everyone stuck inside near a computer!
Happy New Year Everyone!

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

A little disruption

My family is here visiting from Saskatchewan right now. I think I may need to recover from their vacation after they leave. Not that I don't enjoy their company or anything like that, but I didn't realize how much the routine varies when there is company! I think I"ll need an entire day with a good cup of tea to catch up on the blogs I've missed, (and post the zillion adorable pics I have), once they've left on the 18th. I guess I'm on a blogging vacation while they're here on their vacation. Variation is good for the soul, right?

Tuesday, January 01, 2008

This is how Wii do it.

The days since Christmas have totally flown by, but here are some pics of us enjoying the day at home.
The goofy grin Isabella felt needed to accompany the opening of each gift.
Brooklyn attempting to open a gift.
And the last gift Brooklyn had any interest in. Everything after this just wasn't good enough. She cuddled her glow worm the rest of the morning.
Me being completely confused as to why I was the one receiving electronics. Nick had to explain to me that it was a DVR before I got excited. Now I can tape the shows I want to watch while the kids are awake or I'm at other commitments and enjoy them on those weekends when Nick is at work and I'm home doing nothing.
Playing a bit of Wii before we headed out to Christmas Dinner. Isabella lasted four frames of bowling before she was done.
The 30 seconds she kept her cute pigtails in.
A little Brooklyn
A little Bella
Nick secretly wishing he was father to 5 year old boys so that he could be playing with Lego right now and not busting an artery blowing up the girls ball pit.