Thursday, June 15, 2006

Small Update

I got a call back about the house we're interested in. It's a 3 bdrm duplex with country kitchen, and it just sounds so great, exactly what we want! I have to check on appliances as we don't have any. The only downfall is that he wants to fill it immediately and I am not sure he'll hold onto it for August 1! Here's hoping! I'm also going to email the church to see if we can get some answers as far as the details of Nick's work there, we still haven't heard. Here's hoping we can get some pieces of this puzzle in place!


T said...

How annoying that the church has not given you details! Seems like something important to me...where you can afford to live, how you will eat and clothe your family, etc. Hopefully they give you some answers soon!

Jen said...

I've been wondering if you've heard from the church yet! It's all starting to come together. I'm so pleased.

Anonymous said...

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