Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Yesterday was probably one of the most awful days I have ever had, and I don't want to revisit it so I'm not going to tell you about it! Let's just say a big HALLELUJAH to the fact that Belle is now enjoying entire episodes of Blues Clues.

But today I am determined to have a better day. To start off, I am not wearing pants. I've been awake since about 5:30, and after my shower I got my self all moisturized and decided I did not feel like wearing pants. And so I'm not. And I wont put any on until Belle wakes up. Nick is out of town until tomorrow, so I don't need to worry about him getting the wrong idea, and I will enjoy my pantless freedom!

I have a huge to do list today, and I hope to get much accomplished, but I first have to go to a stupid staff meeting at stupid work, with Isabella in tow. Then we have to go to the doctor's which is nice, (yay for heartbeats!), but again Belle will be in tow. Then I have a zillion chores, a tonne of work and I would like to hit the grocery store, spend some time home spaaing tonight and be in bed by 10:00. We'll see if I can actually do any of that or if I end up on my couch with bon bons and Blues Clues.

But whilst trying to will myself to sleep last night my mind did some awandering and I have two random questions for the masses:

I'm trying to set up some bed time and morning routines. What do you do that you find essential to a good night's sleep and a good start to the day?

I'm also trying to find a way to "reconnect" with my husband. Yep I'm willing to let go of all my evening tv time so we can do something together each night. But what the heck do you do? Nick gets home from work about 6:30, walks in the door beelines for Isabella, plays with her until his stomach growls too loud, eats, grabs remote and spends the evening with his first wife. I am not cool with this. But Belle is in bed by 7:00-7:30 so we can't exactly head out for a walk or that sort of thing, what do boring married people do? Or does every wife sit around wondering the same thing?

Well, I am off to start my day. So much to do and so little time, or is it energy, hmmmm, we'll go with time it makes it sound like it's not my fault when nothing gets done!!


Jen said...

Yup. There isn't a whole lot to do after 7:00 p.m. Sometimes Jordan and I will watch a movie, sit and visit, have a late dinner together or he'll play video games while I scrapbook or something. The options seem very limited. We like to go to bed by 9:30 so we have usually 2 hours each night to do with what we please. As long as it's in the house. ;)

Angella said...

Most evenings, Matthew's in the shop or working on our addition, and I'm either working or surfing or STAMPING!

Some nights we just watch TV together, or a movie...boring, but together :)

Elizabeth said...

It appears that I am lucky Hunter stays up until all hours of the night!! Good luck finding something to excite you out of boredom!

karen said...

Travis and I have taken the drastic step to cancel cable for the summer. We've done this a few times, especially after we've both felt that we're watching too much tv. It's hard at first, but then actually quite nice. We'll play a board game or work outside in the yard, or rent a movie, or watch the crappy cable.
Changing routines even when you're trying to improve is always hard, I find, so take it slowly and good luck! :)

Amanda Franks said...

Wow Karen that is courage. We once cancelled cable and let me tell you the PMS Nick emitted every day after that, lol. I think that's awesome you guys can do that! And to everyone else, it helps to know it's like this for most. If only we had weekends to spend together I'm sure it wouldn't feel so bad. One day.

motherinlaw said...

Playing a board game of working on a jigsaw puzzle really can be a good time. It gives you time to talk. Or when Belle goes to bed set out some candles and cover the coffee table with a cloth and pretend you are in a french restaurant somewhere in Paris. ooh lah lah
I used to write love letters and place them in John's lunch box. Usually that was a hint to at least bring home 1 flower or a treat. Sometimes it took a while for him to get the hint. lol

Anonymous said...

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