Sunday, June 11, 2006

Where does the time go?

Today I wrote an email to my aunt and signed off saying "see you in 45 days". My aunt lives in Brampton, which is right next to Georgetown which means that in 45 days our move will have been over and done with and we will be living in Ontario. It feels like just yesterday we had months before this would happen. Where does the time go?

We found an ad today for a HOUSE for the same rent as the main floor deal we had been informed about before. I am going to call for a few more details tomorrow, and have my fingers crossed it's still available. Then hopefully we can get in touch with the church and make sure we can afford it and we'll have an address! That would be sweet. So say a prayer if you think of it!

Other than that our weekend has been pretty humdrum, just being lazy at home. I might not be doing too many entries this week as I'm trying to get all these recipes online, and my fingers get sore from typing! I am finding a zillion things I can't wait to try though, I love new recipes, (or should I say old recipes I've just never bothered to read??)


Jen said...

Each year, each month, each day seems to go by faster and faster!

Elizabeth said...

I'm sending you prayers for the house to work out! Good luck!

Amanda Franks said...

Update on the house, I did call today and I got a machine. So I let them know we were very interested and we'd be calling back and left our info in case they had the time to let us know if it was still available.

Angella said...

The time will FLY!

Good luck on the house :)

Anonymous said...

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