Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Saga Continues.

So before I email the guy back to try and talk him into holding this house for us until August 1, I decided it would probably be a good idea to talk to the church and make sure we can afford it. I emailed the one paster we talk to, who forwarded it on to another pastor and both responded.

The Sr. Pastor said that he would be talking with the treasurer and hopefully have some figures for us tomorrow. Then he says, (and I quote) "Lets keep praying that something will come up that will be nice for you and your family Amanda but also not too expensive." and then gives me an option to continue to look into for a particular apartment building. Now what am I to make of that? Are they simply preparing me for the cost of Ontario, or slyfully saying 'yeah that's out of your price range'?

The other pastor responds with, (and again I quote), "$1200 plus utilities is a little high, but, that’s G’Town. You may be able to find something around 12 including utilities" and points me in the direction of the same apartment building to look. Is it expensive cuz it's Ontario or too expensive for me? And then he adds: "We are also looking for a place for you and have a few pokers in the fire.". Now do these pokers mean I should stop spending five hours a day searching and they remember to tell me if a place falls into place? And if a place does fall into place is it going to be some lesson in 'living sacrifically' where we can supposedly cram all four of us into a one bedroom basement suite cuz it's cheap? Because I can tell you right now that's not a lesson I need to learn.

Finally the email ended with some contact info for Nick to get in touch with the guy to look into the second job possibility, which we thought was already a shoe in and there would just be some formal stuff to go through once we arrived, but now we're not even sure Nick has that job.

So, I'm not sure what tomorrow will hold. But I can tell you I'm not so much enjoying this rollar coaster anymore. I stressed to the pastors what our search had indicated so far, ($1200 a month is the cheap end of 3 bedrooms and everything listed as 2 bedrooms is too small for a family of four) and tried to end with some humor about the hormones of the pregnant.

Sorry Jen, it doesn't look like it's falling into place yet.


Amanda said...

Ugh, so many unknowns. What a tough spot to be in, Amanda, just waiting and trying to plan from such a long distance. I REALLY hope something great comes up.

Jen said...

Like Amanda said, so many unknowns. I hope the news you get from the church is good news.

Anonymous said...

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