Monday, June 19, 2006

Full Swing.

Today I woke up for my normal 4:00am pee, only this time I could not fall back asleep. Nick could not sleep either and so we were up at 5:00am together. Isabella woke up at 6:ooam and although we've left her quietly playing in her crib, she is definitely not sleeping.

Now I know that I will have to be up until the Stanley Cup game is over tonight so I'm looking at being awake for about 18 hours today, oy.

I tried to do some work, but the storms from this weekend seem to have knocked the server for work down and I cannot. So I've been thinking and twidling, trying to get my day off to a slow start so I don't burn out right after lunch.

And I have a question! I've been reading in some child care books about the importance of not introducing new things before big life changes. Like not starting potty training the week before a new baby is due to arrive or switching to a toddler bed before a big move. And I'm just wondering if that is sage advice. I think that Belle is ready for some "growing up" and I haven't been gung ho about doing anything about it. Partly because life is so hectic setting up a routine and the safety of a routine is going to be impossible over the next bit, but also because I'm not sure of the ramifications of not following the above mentioned advice.

She isn't ready for huge changes right now, I'm mainly seeing that she's ready to start being challenged to eat with utensils, (as opposed to letting her have a go at it when it suits me), and I think it's about time to throw out that sippy cup and move on to big girl glasses, (but then we'd revert back while we spend three days in a car so is it worth it?).

But we're pretty intent on setting her up in a big girl bed in about September. It would be one month after our move, so we'll have a routine and all but in 4-8 weeks after that the baby will arrive and I'm just not sure. I know that so many things in baby books are just "guidelines", like age appropriate toys, but is there emotional consequences to transition within transition to a child?

I wonder because I know the stress of change on adults, but children bounce back so much faster and are so much more pliable, I am not sure if this caution is a guideline like the speed limit, or a guideline like 'children under age 2 should not watch more than 1/2 hour of tv per week'.

Any thoughts?


Jen said...

I think a big girl crib in September is a nice idea for her. I've heard it's best to not to two changes at once, like put them in a toddler bed and take away their soother the same week. From what I've heard, it's also a good idea to have your oldest child settled into their toddler bed atleast 6-8 weeks before the new babe arrives so they don't feel like the baby is taking over their crib.

Angella said...

You just do what's right for you - you know her better than any book does!

T said...

Very good questions Amanada. I am not normally one to give advice cause I realize I don't have all the answers AND I've also learned that every baby and family is so different. One thing I will say though is that you seem to have thought through these things in depth which shows that you really, REALLY care about the welfare of your babe. I know the decisions you make out of your deep love for her will be enough!

karen said...

I would say, Amanda, to do what works for you and Belle.

For us, Sarah just finished with her bottle about a month ago (at 34 ish months), was done with her suzie at about 30 months.... any sooner, and she wasn't ready (and I wasn't ready for the screaming). But when it was time, and she understood what was going on, she did really well and accepted these changes.

Good luck!

Elizabeth said...

I agree with the fact that you are an excellent mother and you will do what's right for Belle. No worries about it. I am positive that Belle will adapt to whatever you choose to do.

Heidi said...

Every child adjusts differently to change, and no matter what the books say is the norm, it may not be what is best for your child at the time. Do what feels right to you, and there's nothing to say that if it doesn't work that you can't go back to what did work.

Tara said...

well..i say from a professional stand that you do what is right for you nick and belle!!! with the understanding that every child goes through change differently..and before the changes all happen you may feel like you are 5 steps ahead of where you were and now the changes come and you are 2 or 3 steps back but you didn't go all the way back to the beginning so you still have made some progress!!!! I had a child once that was potty trained for almost a year and then something happened in the family and the child started wetting itself every chance that it got, even though you knew that the child still understood all the potty training things it was just the childs way of controlling the situation that it couldnt control!!!!
starting to change things for her isn't a bad thing and it can be done she just may regress a little when the big changes happen and when she gets used to things in a week or two or maybe a month some take longer then others she will then be back to normal!!!! If you are ready for the challenge then do it because it will be a bit of a challenge here or there!!! so do what you feel is right..the books are just guidelines because every child is different

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