Friday, June 09, 2006


Today was a nice day. It was rainy and somehow our home didn't have that "basement apartment" feeling, instead it felt like a cabin does in the summer rain, very nice. Belle and I hung out in bed until about 2:00 this afternoon. (Don't worry this is a habit we will break on Monday, we're giving ourselves the weekend to be lazy bums!). Nick and I have been checking for living accomodations online every night, just to see what's out there, and after a conversation with my Aunt who lives in Brampton (the major city Georgetown is basically a part of), I learned that utility prices are not as scary as here in Alberta, so that was nice. We're hoping to have some more details of our new life over the weekend and we've begun gearing up for packing. It always amazes me how much stuff one accumulates without noticing it, (does anyone need a tire?). So I'll be doing research on advertising our mismatch items we do not want to pay to move and hopefully getting those sold. We did already do one trip to the child's consignment store, where we then spent more money! I took in 4 items for which I received $60.00 and we then purchased a $100.00 stroller. It's a graco dual glide, meaning it will hold BOTH of our children, and they get to ride one behind the other so I don't have to be as wide as a semi when going through the mall. I'd been pricing them out at about $350.00 and was having a hard time actually finding stores that carried them, so to get said stroller for $40.00 of my money was AMAZING. I could not pass that up. I really like it and perhaps the best part is that Nick thinks it doesn't "look" right, (he thinks it's huge and silly that only one seat is being used), so I get to push it all the time, which is nice after running to keep up with him in the mall while he's driving the stroller for the last 15 months. I'm sure it will be even funner on all day outings with two children, but I really couldn't pass up the price and wait to get one when we needed both seats. It was a sweet deal. I'll put some pics of it up later I'm sure. We're going to the zoo at some point this month for Fathers Day and it will be Belle's mode of transportation!

Hope you have a supreme weekend!


Angella said...

We have a Jeep stroller with the same seating. It's a necessity whan you have two!

Now, where to put #3?

Elizabeth said...

You too, have a supreme weekend. How long until you move?

debrowns said...

Hey it was good to here from you on our blog. Heading in a new direction can cause a lot of anxiety. We wish you guys the best and we'll be sure to keep you all in our prayers.
Oh and by the way, you're right ... that was a sweet deal for that stroller!

Jen said...

I think double strollers are great! And what a steal of a price.

I went to go for a walk with my mom today and our stroller broke! That must have happened when I drove over it with the car.

Anonymous said...

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