Monday, June 26, 2006

Monday Mayhem

At some point on Sundays I realize that it's the weekend and I should be a bit lazy. I mean I do have a week coming up and my weeks are always full. Amanda often writes me emails on Fridays and they always have the same sentiment, "I cannot believe where the week has gone!". So I take some time to slow down, however I have not done enough to warrant this slow down and so Monday's become quite chaotic. We've had a busy busy day so far, but somehow my to-do list has yet to shrink. Here is some Manic Monday cuteness for ya! My new favorite time of day. Belle gets up about 2 1/2 hours after me and I put her in her chair with breakfast and about 45 minutes of Blues Clues while I finish up work and get ready to switch gears. (This is a pic from snack hence the juice, she usually has milk for breakfast).

She has a fabulous soft chair which she greatly enjoys, but she will only sit on it where it is placed right now, you can't move it for her so she can sit in it and watch tv or anything else. Instead she chooses to climb into her booster seat, which ideally would be at a kitchen table, in order to eat, watch tv and relax. Yesterday she sat there for an hour reading recipes to an invisible audience. Can we say Rachel Ray?

Nick found these "great" sunglasses while he was away last weekend. They ended up in the lost and found and no one would claim them, so he took them. This has become Belle's newest thrill, putting on pa pa's glasses.

Hope your Monday sets a good tone for the week! I know mine will be more busy than I have energy for, but little moments with this one make it all pass by in fun!


Jen said...

Those are seriously some of the cutest pictures of Belle I have ever seen. She looks like a little girl instead of a baby. :) and :(

motherinlaw said...

Wow!!! Is Belle ever growing up!! Watch out world. Here she comes.

kelle said...

Such cute pics of Belle!! She is becoming quite the little girl.

Marla said...

she is sooo cute!! i agree with the rest. she does look more grown up, and her hair is so long! do you ever put clips in it or anything? we miss you guys.