Wednesday, June 28, 2006

My opinion on names.

"To Name or not to Name, that is the question!" It seems like every other blog I read these days has a woman in the midst of a struggle of what to name their child. If you are looking for suggestions, I found this list of suggestions of baby's names. It's a list of lists, so things like popular names, actor's baby's names yada yada. Should you choose a name of that list you can send your Thank you donation to me at.......just kidding I'm sure every possible name is on that list somewhere. But sometimes it takes finding out that Robert Redford named his third dog such and such to make a name click, you know?

I am going to take a bit of a different approach on the name game today. For those of us who already have names! I found this site a bit ago, and yes it's controversial. It's called the Kablarian Philosophy and if you go to the site click "name meanings" in the blue index bar. There are all kinds of services on this site, like it will help you find your ideal job based on your name yada yada, but you have to pay for all that. You can get the idea just by doing the name meaning search.

When I found this it was totally eerie how well it described me. Now I wont sign up to find out what diseases I am prone to since my name is Amanda, but I like that someone who knows me not from a hole in the ground came up with a philosophy that describes me so well.

Check it out and see if it does the same for you!

And speaking of the "what to name your baby", I'm just curious what people think of Old Testament names. Not the regular OT names like Rebecca and Sara but the authentically OT ones like Malachi and Nahum. Do you think they carry more weight if they come from the Bible or that they should stay in the OT times? I just had a discussion that made me curious what more people think.


motherinlaw said...

I am certainly going to check out that site. It could be fun finding out about my name too.
As for names in the O.T. Who cares when a name was first used! If it means something to you and you like the sound of it that is your choice.

Tara said...

I tried that name site and it is crazy...I don't know if I really like that by just typing in my name I can be so easily described!!!

Robyn said...

That name site really is interesting - they were generally accurate for me, but not for Paul though so I'm putting it down to some lucky generalisations! OT names are really popular in Australia at the moment, there are little Elijahs, Noahs - Rebecca's best friend is Zerubabel! To be honest I'm not crazy about some of them, (although we're so used to Zeb now that it would be weird if he were something more common) but if you like them then go for it. I know that growing up in Kenya a lot of very old Biblical names were used for kids and it was kind of nice.