Thursday, June 01, 2006

Swinging on a Vine

Nick and I get our energy in spurts. There are times when all we want to do is swing in a baby swing. You know what I mean? No holding on, cuz there's no way to fall out and you don't have to do any work cuz someone is pushing you, all you have to do is look at the world around you passing you by.

But then there are times when Nick and I get so much energy it's ridiculous. For some reason that was most of our day today. I went to the office this morning and spent a few hours doing my contract job. Nick took Belle for a long walk and made an important phone call. I then went grocery shopping and to take the recyclying to the depot while Belle slept. Then I got home and we hit a small wall, so we watched the NBA playoff game, (or rather he watched and I slept), and then we were full of energy again. We made dinner, which was delicious, and you should all EAT it. Then the craziness started. While watching the auditions for "So you think you can dance", we managed to pack 7 boxes, decide on and pack up all the children's stuff we will not be moving and I found a gazillion recipes to put on my Recipe Blog , so you guys will be bombarded with those in the next few days. It was a very productive night.

I think June is going to come and go in a flash, with swinging days and doldrum days, as well as energy filled days and exciting days, (like Father's day when we're talking Belle to the zoo for the first time), and my 26th birthday, and before I know it July will be here and I'll have to pack up my computer and have no clue how life is going for anyone for almost two weeks! Ahhhhh, I don't know how I'll survive!

Anyway, hope June treats you all well!


Jen said...

I love days like that. At the of the day you feel like you've accomplished so much!

Angella said...

2 weeks without the computer - I hope you survive :)

geeksters said...

I like your baby swing analogy. I feel like that now that I've graduated and am getting terrified by the decisions I have to start making.

Happy upcoming birthday!

T said...

Aren't baby swings the best invention?? Gid just loves to swing too=)

John would have loved to watch that game with Nick!

I've had the broccoli braid before (is it a Pampered Chef recipe?). Yummy!!!

Amanda said...

I can't believe you're turning 26! I remember when you tuend 16 and I got you a big jar filled with 16 different kinds of jube-jubes to commemorate your "sweet sixteen". A lame present, but thanks for being my friend despite that. :)