Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Just a small update on the move front.

I finally heard back from the Church regarding Nick's hours/commitment to them/pay and the pastor was super apologetic for taking so long to reply. The Church is going through some of that "God must be working because people are shifting" kinda stuff, and while June is usually a dead month in Churches, it does not seem to be that way in Georgetown from my experience.

Anyway. There hasn't been that "knock you off your feet blessing" I was hoping for, but much good. In Church on sunday the sermon was on Prov 3:9,10 which says basically give your first fruits to God and he will overflow your storehouses, and a lot of pastor's use this passage to convict everyone to give their 10% faithfully or swift judgement will come upon your head. Our pastor didn't, which I'm thankful for because I don't agree with that....but I digress.

The main point of the sermon was to stop living a life of worry and instead to live a life of gratitude. Instead of saying "I only have enough money for groceries this month." change your attitude so you can say each night with total genuine honesty "Thank you for this food!". It was a great challenge, and God sent such a feeling of peace on both Nick and I we walked out of church awoken from our worry induced stress once again looking forward to our new lives.

The night before we found our ideal living situation on line, and we decided after church we were going to take it should the details work out regardless of what the church said. We were going to chose to live "victory in Christ" by thriving and not merely surviving. So I got in touch with the person looking after the renting, (the people are doing it through a real estate agency) and sat back to see what would happen.

Then we got the email from the Church. We will arrive the last week of July and Nick will work full time for August running a drop in center type program. This is awesome as we live in such a way right now that the money we make in July will pay our bills in August and the money we make in August will pay our bills in September, so this means no disruption in our income just a shift. Then Nick will be doing part time at the church, finding a second job to begin September 1. The salary from the church will be enough to pay our rent and car lease payment-OUR TWO BIGGEST EXPENSES! How amazing is that. We were able to crunch the numbers to figure out what Nick needs to make at Job #2 in order for my benefits to be just that, benefits. Enabling us to pay down debt and save up for a car when our lease is up in May. So that is encouraging.

As far as the house we are now waiting on pins and needles to see if we can get it. It's a 3 bedroom 2 1/2 bath townhouse in the nice end of town. It's renting for the same price per month as every other main floor suite which is so cool. We're just waiting for the actual listing to be posted at the Real Estate Agency as the agent wont go further until it is. But I am hopeful. All we need to know is if it has washer/dryer/fridge/stove as we don't own these things and can't afford to purchase them. If it has them, we're going to get it! There is one hiccup, at the moment the possession date is August 15th. So we're going to ask if it's possible to get it for August 1, and if not we may look into storage for two weeks, which could get tricky yada yada.

So thanks for the prayers and we love them to continue over this last huge bump. Then we start finding the small details like a new doctor and health insurance, you know the easy part of moving, oy. Lol.

Here's hoping that you too are living victoriously today!


Jen said...

I'm glad you got some answers Amanda!

I think I need to hear that sermon you spoke of. Sounds good!

Angella said...

Sounds exciting! God bless :)

Tara said...

that is so exciting to hear!!!!

T said...

God to hear! I hope all the other details fall into place for you=)

T said...

Ha, I meant to say "Good to hear" but I guess it's cause God is hearing that all is falling into place! LOL.

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