Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Miss Fancy Pants

There is a great bunch of books called "Fancy Nancy", by, um, I forget. They are wonderful stories that say things like; "Mad is too plain for how I feel, I am furious!" and "When I tell my best friend I can't come to her birthday party she is heartbroken." or "I am an azure butterfly. Azure is a fancy word for blue." The whole concept of the book is to teach kids big words without it seeming overwhelming. The illustrations are amazingly fun and the story lines are cute.
Nancy, in the story, is a girl with wildflowers in her hair and a million accessories. She is in fact Brooklyn's twin. (Well maybe minus the wildflowers.) Brooklyn changes outfits at least four times a day. She always has on a headband, one ring, one bracelet, carries a cell phone and the rest varies day by day. We recently received a bag of hand-me-downs containing a tankini, I think size 7. Much too big for either of the girls to wear. Brooklyn has yet to take it off. She wears it like a tank top, which its big enough for, and she matches the rest of her clothes to it. I let her wear it to church, its just a phase right? I put it right back in her drawer after I wash it and when she discovers it she exclaims; "This is my bestest shirt ever, I have never seen it in so long!"
If you're doing something you shouldn't be, Brooklyn will remind you that there is a consequence. If there are toys on the floor that she does not want to pick up she will inform me that it's Bella's responsibility. Where this girl comes up with these big words, I have no idea ;)
She is over-dramatic. She is full of energy. She is hard to keep up with. Every day has a cute storyline with her. She is one Fancy Nancy.