Sunday, May 14, 2006


I am not an emotional person. I didn't cry when I got married, I didn't weep the first time I held Isabella. I just don't cry at the sentimental moments that most normal people weep at. However, some things do make me cry. Ususally they are silly, like Extreme Home Makeover, but this week I wept out of pure joy.

My friends Cory and Angela had their first baby on May 6. We met them the year we lived in St. Albert and joined a small group. That group became very close, it was Nick & I and three other couples. The other three couples all got pregnant and were due within 6 weeks of each other. Nick I were not pregnant, but shortly after that we did start trying. Just after we started trying Cory and Angella tragically lost their baby in a molar pregnancy. As a group we cried, we yelled at God, we were sad and we did our best to comfort them. Cory and Angela began to heal miraculously fast and it amazed me the pure joy they had when they held our children for the first time.

When Cory and Angela lost their baby Nick wanted to stop trying, and to never try again. He didn't know if the possibility of experiencing that pain was worth it. I listened to his concerns, but I stood my ground and shortly after we were expecting Belle. After we welcomed her to our family we knew that the possibility of pain is worth the risk. We began to pray everyday that Cory and Angela would soon have joy greater than the pain they were experiencing.

And now they do. A little over a year and a half later they are three. I haven't met the little guy yet, and I haven't heard the labor and delivery story, but I've gotten emails from both mom and grandmom gushing about how beautiful their boy is and what an awesome gift from God. I wept this week because God truly is good, all the time. All the time, God is good.


Jen said...

Great story Amanda. God is good indeed!

Robyn said...

He is truly very good. And despite not being an easy "cryer" either, I'm teary after reading your friends' story.