Monday, May 29, 2006

The Fruits of my Labor.

I love scrapbooking. And I love taking my time to do it. I love that I was at a workshop for 8 hours and only got two pages mostly done. I am not one to find out how to do more quickly or cut my scrapbooking time in half, that's for sure. I was at a Creative Memories place I guess you could say this weekend. My friend Angela, her mom Dorothy is a Creative Memories Rep. She lives on a farm and there they have a building that used to be a barn. They renovated it so that half of it is a freezer, (her dad sells meat), and the other half is a guest house. It has a small bedroom, a great room, a bathroom, a kitchenette and a fireplace. Currently the guest house is used for scrappin. Dorothy sets up tables in the great room area and her office is in the bedroom. I love going there. She plays music quietly in the background, and all of her inventory is out for you to see to chose what you want to buy. She doesn't do any demos unless you ask and she doesn't push product on you. I love that too. If you purchase a paper set from Creative Memories you pay about $10 for 12-15 pages. But sometimes all you want is one page, the same with the sticker sets. Well Dorothy also sells individual pages and stickers, so you can pay the $0.50 for a page that you'll use. I like it there a lot.

Here are the fruits of my labor this weekend. I am finally starting Belle's baby album. They are done on a natural page, which is a light brown color, and the strips of border are actually red. These photos are not doing these pages justice!

The little booklet at the top there opens up to show all the journalling. I wrote about finding out I was pregnant, the birth experience and naming Isabella.

I also did the last page of the album, because that was all I had ideas for. This one isn't finished, but it's started. I am just blown away by how much a person can change in a year!


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