Friday, May 05, 2006

A Silly Confession.

It seems that all of the pregnant women I know are very open with the weird things that plague them while pregnant. Their crazy cravings, their weird dreams. So I think I'll confess mine.

I can confess this here because my husband thinks blogging is stupid and therefore will never read my blog! Which is a good thing because if he did he would discover that I dream of other men when I'm pregnant. It's true. So true I'm blushing. When I'm not pregnant I do not remember my dreams at all, but through my first pregnancy and so far my second I find myself having vivid dreams of a few guys from my past. Now I say they are "from my past" in that I knew them in the past and have no contact with them now thus making it impossible for them to be part of my present. I don't have a history with any of these guys. It's bizarre how real the dreams are to me. They aren't dirty or x-rated or anything. Just a reliving of moments we had and what could have possibly happened afterwards. The funny thing to me is that the guy who makes his way into my dreams most often probably wouldn't even remember me now!

But so intriqued was I when I woke up the other day that I wanted to know what this guy was doing. And, I googled him. Unfortunately, (or fortunately?), he has the same name as a famous musician and so finding info on him was not easy. But I just can't shake my curiousity.

I think it has to be the weirdest thing I've ever done.

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Jen said...

LOL! I dream those dreams sometimes while unpregnant. Unintentionally, of course.