Thursday, May 18, 2006

As Is strikes again.

I think I have been blessed with a small bargain gene. I am good at finding deals, patient to wait until what I want is on sale and only end up getting buyers remorse when I buy on a whim. I wrote a while ago, I think in my previous blog, about finding the coffee table and tv stand we wanted from IKEA at half price. Well, we did it again!

Last night we headed out to IKEA to check out the bedroom event. We are slowly amalgomating the things for Belle's big girl room, deciding to buy the big pieces here where there is only one tax. We walked through and found a few small treasures. A lamp set for the price of one of the lamps, a frame that will actually fit some puzzles Nick built a while ago, and some curtains for ambience in Belle's room that were so cheap I could not say no.

Then we decided to walk through AS IS. We read every single box on every single shelf looking for things for Belle's room and the new baby's room. Nothing. Then we went to the side that holds the cupboard doors and table tops. There I found two shelves I had been wanting at half price! Sweet. That got my heart beating fast, finally I will have a shelf to prominantly display my idea of Advent in my home during Christmas time. I was set. Let's head to the check out.

But there at the end of the aisle, near the sofas and chairs sat one of their dollies that you load the boxes onto to take to your car. And there, without a box, with all the pieces shining in their glory was a crib. Not just any crib. THE CRIB. The one I have been daydreaming about putting a child to bed in since before I even daydreamed about having kids. We looked it over and yeah, the legs are scratched up, but with a good sanding and coat of finish no one will know. And the price tag, yup, once again HALF PRICE! We took it home with us. Nick put it together last night and all the pieces are there. Then he took it apart and wrapped it in blankets and plastic, (I am so thankful he used to work at the BRICK, our stuff will be moved so securely!).

So excited I am. I am already planning the decor of both the nursery and Belle's room. Now all we need is a new home!


Angella said...

Yay for bargains!!! I get SOOOO excited :)

Jen said...

That's so great! I can never seem to find a deal. :) Is that the exact crib in the picture? I think I looked at that one too.

Amanda Franks said...

Yup it is! I hope we can save up for the other pieces in that line before the baby gets here, and when we move to Ontario we're within driving distance of three Ikeas, which means three As Ises to search through!!!

Marla said...

that is one beautiful crib!

T said...

Awesome! I LOVE a good deal and I LOVE that crib too! My sister had to buy 2 of them 2 and a half years ago for her twin girls and is now using them as toddler beds...and I must say they are ADORABLE=) Good find!

Anonymous said...

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