Sunday, May 14, 2006

Happy Mothers Day!

I often wonder what all the Mother's Days will bring throughout my life. I imagine the first time my children bring me their plaster handprint from kindergarten, and the zillions of crafts that will follow.

Last year for Mother's Day I went to St. Albert, well Cardiff actually, for National Scrapbooking Day followed by a baby shower for Belle with the people I had met in Edmonton/St. Albert the previous year. It was a stressful day for me because Belle was with me the whole time, and cried practically the whole day which did not lend itself to scrapbooking. She had been so docile up until then I thought it would be no problem, but I learned my lesson: newborn does not equal scrapbooking time. The shower was fun too despite her constant howls, and I'll always look with fondness on the fact that every other gift was a bathing suit, (no one thought anyone else would buy a bathing suit, lol).

This year we had hoped to kill two birds with one stone. We promised Isabella a trip to the zoo for her birthday gift, but the weather has been too yucky to go yet. We thought that would be a great day. However, I completely underestimated the sheer size of the Calgary Zoo. It's going to be an all day adventure, and we hadn't carved out that much time. So we're going to do that another day.

I settled myself in for a nothing Mother's day, but Nick kept on looking for adventure and last night we went to the Circus! It was a one ring circus and featured a lot of human talents, six horses, poodles and an elephant. Belle loved the first half and promptly fell asleep during the second half which she then spent curled up on my lap until we went home. It was a wonderful, wonderful excursion.

I like that we give experiences instead of gifts for special occassions, but I have no idea how I'm going to beat the circus!


Jen said...

Happy Mother's Day Amanda! Great post and lovely pictures. I'm glad that you guys enjoyed your adventure. :0

Samantha said...

That sounds like a fabulous day.
Happy Mother's Day!

Angella said...

Sounds like a great day! Happy Mother's Day...hope BOTH your kids treated you well :)