Monday, May 22, 2006

The Davinci Code

Last night Nick and I went to see the DaVinci Code and we loved it. I had read the book a while ago, before all the hub-bub and Nick is in the middle of it right now. I have to say that the movie definitely does the book justice, and that all the characters were well played and the actors chosen to play them were perfect for the role. I know that a lot of critics had been bashing it after the Cannes Film Festival, and I enjoyed every minute of it.

I have a lot on my mind to say about how the Christian community is reacting to the Davinci Code, the same lot I had on my mind after certain influential Christians claimed Hurricane Katrina was God's way of wiping the sin out of New Orleans, but I'm not going to get on my soap box. All the hullaballo has me thinking how incredible it would have been for Christ if the Christian community had said NOTHING. Many people may say it slanders our faith and we have to retaliate, but I'm not sure we're doing any good with the words we're saying. Since Christ first was born there have been people who believed things that were not in Scripture and we handle it the same way every time. Sure, our crusades no longer spill the same amount of blood, but I think someone famous once said that the tonque is mightier than the sword.

The thing that sums it all up for me was in the movie, near the end, when the person who is the supposed blood heir of Christ and Tom Hanks' character (Robert Langdon) are having a discussion about whether or not she will reveal herself and who she is claimed to be. Tom Hanks says, it all depends on what you believe. Would the blood heir of Christ destroy faith or renew it? I choose to believe that this book calls us to renew our faith. To read our Bibles and know what it says as well as what history says about Jesus Christ. It calls us not necessarily to stand up and dispute the claims the book has made, but to do our research and be ready that should someone ask us what we think we can intelligently answer.

I think Dan Brown's book makes a strong point. Are you secure enough in your faith and what you know about your faith? I do not believe that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were married, nor do I believe that they conceived a child. But if someone came to me and said that they believed that I would say "So what? What is the real issue that brings about for you?". The last time I checked marriage and the conception of children within marriage are not sins. Therefore claiming that does not question the divinity of Jesus, because he still has not commited a sin. And the ULTIMATE truth of Christianity, (that Jesus is God's son, the sacrifice for our sins and the only way to heaven and right relationship with God), has not been questioned or tarnished. So what's the real issue? Does it make Christ too human for you? Does it make the church shady because they're hiding it?

What an awesome opportunity this book is to share the Scriptures and what the Bible says. Too bad no one's going to ask us because the Jack Vin Impes of the world are calling down fire and brimstone on Dan Brown and Ron Howard, telling them to "prepare to stand accountable for their sins when they meet their maker".

I guess I did get on a soapbox a bit. But it just makes me so sad when we have an opportunity to be "in the world but not of the world" and instead of being radical for Christ, we play right into the Devil's hand.


Jen said...

hm... good points Amanda. I haven't read the book or seen the movie, but you've got me wanting to.

The only thing I can think about the "downside" of Jesus being married would be the accuracy and thoroughness of the Bible. You think that would be significant enough to be mentioned if it were true.

I think any median of getting people to think about what they believe and to strengthen their faith is a good one.

karen said...

Great post Amanda, I so totally agree!

Amanda Franks said...

I would suggest reading the book. Accept it as fiction, but be open to the things that other people believe and it will teach a lot. I also suggest Angels and Demons by Dan Brown which talks about the whole debate about faith and medicine working together. Very thought provoking.

Robyn said...

I agree Amanda. I haven't seen the movie because we just don't get to movies anymore :( but I have read the book and enjoyed it as a work of fiction. I liked Angels and Demons too.
I don't like how some Christians have responded, (even though I do understand that they may feel offended/threatened) but I believe that God can make good things out it. I hope that some people who see the movie to see what all the fuss is about, might start to search for a relationship with Him themselves.

Samantha said...

Good post! I saw the movie on Friday and ready the book a couple years ago. Like you I thought the movie was fab (and was sad that because I'd read the book there was no suspense).
Like you my question to the reaction of people has always been "So what - what does that really change?"
The Bible, as magnificent as it may be, was compiled by people and canonized around 692 and tons of scrolls and gospels were left out... we know what the councils of the Catholic church of that era wanted us to know. The problem I see with a legitimate bloodline to Christ is very similar to the problem that Islam has right now - the divide between Shi'a and Sunni Islam... Shi'a is a bloodline to Muhammad (who was just a man, and a messenger, no divinity there), Sunni is not, and the battle wages on to this day and Muhammad died in 632!! That's a long time to be arguing about who should be ruling the religion. If there was a bloodline there'd be a major battle between the Vatican and the family for "ruling" power.
However, all that being said, I think it's good for people to question the history of things. Granted I'm a Religous Studies minor, so that sort of comes with the territory!

Good luck with your packing!

motherinlaw said...

Amanda, I agree with you about The Da Vinci Code. The book is a very good FICTION. It was well written and I for onw could not put it down.
We have not seen the movie yet.
I also think that all the fuss and anger that some Christians are perpetuating is the best advertising the movie could hope to have. They have walked right into the devil's trap.
The thing for Christians to do is to KNOW scripture.Other's opinions as written in some books of shown in films is just that: OPINION.

Tara said...

well said amanda!!! I haven't seen the movie but I have been wanting to and after reading your post I would have to say you have made me want to see it even more!!!!

wandi said...

If Jesus was married to Mary Magdalene, don't you think that it would be an important fact to mention in the bible? Why hide the fact? I know that God is all for marriage, so why would He hide His son being married to a women. I don't get it?? I know that The book that Dan Brown wrote is fiction and that's all! I know that the bible is the truth and that's all!!!!