Monday, May 29, 2006

Let it Slip

For a long time now I've had an idea. An idea that I would like to make a reality, but I have been afraid to share it. For some reason as long as it's in my head it's fine that it's just an idea but as soon as I say it aloud I have a responsibility to make it happen, or so I feel. I have mentioned it in passing to a few people, but while scrappin this weekend I put it out there to see what others might think. The response was all positive, but now I am trembling at the idea of making it happen.

See, here's the thing. I love working. I love having something that is mine, that I'm in charge of, that I push myself to do. Something I can tell Nick and my kids about and no one is going "yes Amanda I was there.". But I despise going to work. Just the getting up at the same time everyday and doing the same routine day in and day out, and all the office politics, I can't stand it. Plus I am worth way more than any job I've ever had has paid me, I just do not know how to get those high paying jobs, self marketing is not my strong point.

So I have an idea for a home based business. I started thinking about this in 2004 and took a course to get my diploma as I would need it. Not in business, but in...........Wedding Planning. Yup, I technically am educated to plan weddings. My idea has been to have a home based wedding/special event planning business and to supplement it with becoming a scrapbooking rep. I just think the two go so well together.

For example say you got married in July and then you return to life. By October you're wondering where the magic you felt while planning that wedding went and all you want is something exciting again. Then in the mail you receive an invitation from me, the lady who helped pull of your special day, to plan another party. It's a much smaller event, perhaps for you and your wedding party and your mom and mom-in-law. We plan the kinds of snacks and how the evening will go, and oh the focus of the evening- YOU. We'll be getting together to make memorable scrapbooking pages or shadow boxes that capture your wedding. Wouldn't that be fun?

Or say you planned Great Grandma Helga's 95th birthday in December and it was a blast. But shortly into the new year she passed away. After some time had passed and life was back to normal you begin to feel like no one is going to remember Helga and that makes you sad. But wait, what's this? An invite to celebrate Helga's life by gathering some of her friends and family to create a Heritage Album that documents her life! What a splendid idea. A page done here by you, one done by your 4 year old niece, another done by Helga's best friend. What a keepsake that would be passed on for generations. Helga would be remembered always.

And who doesn't love planning their wedding? Okay, truth be told at some point everyone wants out. After you've talked to the 45th florist and still feel like you're getting ripped off, would you rather someone else did the leg work and brought you the options and then you just pick the right one? I would love to do the leg work. I watched so many weddings the year I worked in the Travelodge Banquet Department and I saw some awesome unique ideas. I know it's something I would look forward to doing, even though it would be complicated by my children and my husband in the ministry.

But it feels like such a leap to go from idea to reality. I haven't the foggiest idea even where to start. But I am taking my mat leave this year, and so I have some time to think and plan. It's exciting and yet incredibly scary to think that I could accomplish this dream. But, now it's out there. And with more people knowing about it, I think that might just be the motivation I need to try and make it happen. I guess only time will tell.

Ofcourse, I'm open to hear from anyone who has taken an idea to reality. I'd love to know what could be in store for me!


Tara said...

well..I have no idea how you would start it but I think it is a wonderful idea!!!!!! And honestly I think you would be wonderful at it!!!! with your patience your artistic talent...and the so many other qualities you have which I am not going to sit here and type them all because that would take forever!!!!!

geeksters said...

Good luck! That sounds like a great plan and you sound so enthusiastic about it.

A great man once told me: "If you want it badly enough, you will get it." He was talking about a scholarship in particular, but that's really what he believes about everything. If you want it badly enough and give it your best, it will happen for you.

Maybe a good first step would be designing a flyer and getting your ideas down about exactly what services you would want to provide.

Lindsay said...

Such a great idea Amanda. I worked at a wedding store in Brandon for 2.5 years, and loved loved loved helping planning the weddings. Sounds like a great idea!

Samantha said...

Sounds like a lovely idea!!
I'd love to be a wedding planner, but I'm such a romantic I think I'd get a little to in control and posessive.

If you ever need a PR rep down the road, let me know - my degree lends me to that profession!

I'm sure you'd be fantastic at it! good luck!

Jen said...

Go for it Amanda. I don't know how or when or anything but make it happen. Seriously. You would be amazing in a position like that!!

Angella said...

Do it!

Again, no advice how, but Matthew & I are both self-employed & love the flexibility.

The Internet is a great research tool :)

Marla said...

it's true! you would be fantastic at that type of thing. you can make it reality. it just takes a little bit of hard work...being self employed is fantastic!

T said...

AWESOME! I too have so many marbles rolling around up in my head of ways to have a home-based business, but can offer no way to get them out of the head into reality cause I have yet to attempt it! I do know that weddings and babies are HUGE markets so most likely successful business ventures! I hope it all works out for you...keep us updated=) T.

motherinlaw said...

Sounds like the perfect business for your, Amanda!!!
And Georgetown is a great place to start. When you get there give Marilyn Krock a call. She attends GAC and I know she would be happy to show you all the ins and outs of owning your own business as she has done for years.