Sunday, May 14, 2006

Get your groove on.

Last weekend on Saturday I spent about an hour on the phone which led to our whirlwind week. I received a call from Georgetown Alliance Church. This is Nick's home church and he approached them about doing the apprenticeship he is required to do before becoming an accredited Alliance worker. They got back to us last weekend.

The youth pastor, Tim, took four scenarios to the Board of Elders for consideration. One was to simply say 'Hasta la Vista' and one was to have us move there and the board release Tim to mentor Nick on the side. Both of these scenarios were tossed. The other two involve Nick being on staff to some degree, thus having interaction with youth and being mentored, and Nick would be compensated money wise for the time he put in at the church. We have no idea what "compensated" actually means, and we don't know how much time Nick will be at the church.

The only "for sures" that this phone call brought about were: Yes the church supports this idea, and Yes move here let's say sometime mid July to August 1. Other than that everything else is still theory. A very good theory as we were ready to move to Georgetown and learn from the godly men and women there even if it was just in their spare time.

So we began planning a move, sort of. We're not sure the dates to be there for, we're not sure what kind of salary we have to play with as far as budgetting for rent etc, we don't know anything beyond this is where we're going next. But we are planning for arriving August 1 and things are moving full steam ahead.

Then came all the stuff you do to plan a move, which you all will be lucky enough to hear about! Ah my faithful blog buddies, how I love to rollar coaster with you all!


Jen said...

You are a blogging maniac today!! :)

I'm glad you got the call that gave the Georgetown move the go-ahead! This will be a great opportunity for you guys.

Elizabeth said...

wow! that's wild. Best of luck on this next adventure!

Amanda said...

I'm so glad that some plans are being made and that you guys can start to prepare for the next part of the journey. Are you calves still burning? :)

Robyn said...

Excellent! Sounds like a step in the right direction, I hope you get some more details soon.

Lindsay said...

Best of luck on this new life venture. I'll pray that all the doors open and everything falls into place!

T said...

Sounds exciting! Can't wait to hear how everything unfolds...I'm sure it will be great in the end=) And I agree...God is good, all the time!

Angella said...

Keep us posted!