Sunday, December 03, 2006

Time Flies

The other day I was realizing that our "year" in Georgetown is already a third of the way over. I thought that this time would fly by but I really had no idea it would be going so fast. Our girls are growing so quickly, both mentally and physically. I am doing alot, but it feels like not much at the same time. Nick is busy, busy, busy.

I haven't taken many pictures of the girls lately, I must remedy that, but here is a shot of Brooklyn this week. She has been holding her head up by herself for extended periods, (like 2-3 mins), since she was about 2 weeks old. It's truly amazing to me. She is coo-ing and smiling and seems to be loving life. Last night she went to bed at midnight, slept until 4:30 and fell back asleep until 9:30. It was the most glorious night we've had in a long time. Today she even slept in her crib!! I think I forgot that the crappiness of the first few months does end, and I sure hope the end is in sight.

Isabella is amazing. On Saturday we went to a church function for kids. She was by far the youngest, but had a good time anyway. This is her with an older friend who arrived later. She was just "enjoying" the sprinkles for decorating cookies. She proceeded to drink them right out of that cup. But we did decorate a huge cookie earlier and she made her first craft! She understands so much. Today at a friends house, Nick and the friend were painting inside their garage. We told Isabella to go knock on the garage door. There are three doors in the hallway and she immediately went to the right one. She can feed herself with a fork or a spoon. Sometimes in the middle of the day she just stops and then shakes her head and says "Poppa at work." When we call her and she's doing something she says "Just a sec.". She is growing such a sensitive spirit and is a great helper. I just love every day with her!
We aren't yet in the full swing of Christmas because we do not yet have any snow. Today was our first dusting and it didn't happen until around 6:00 this afternoon. Maybe it will pour snow tonight and I'll be feeling it. We'll see. On Saturday we're going back for our family photos which will be followed by my favorite Christmas tradition, the yearly Christmas letter!!
And before I know it Isabella will be singing in a school Christmas concert and while I hold the camcorder to my eye I'll stop and try not to blink because it all goes by way too fast.


T said...

Isn't it so, so true! Even in these last few days (hopefully) of waiting I'm going to remind myself of'll all be over and a few months down the road our little one will look as alert as Brooklyn! I can't believe how much bigger she's gotten!

Kim said...

Brook is sooo cute - taking after her Mom and little sister in that area - Dad too but I only know from his older days!

Will Belle talk to me on the phone yet? Deanna can't wait to hear her too!

It does go by very quickly - every time I see a picture of your girls, I remember back to when you did that or something like it and it seems like just yesterday!

Love you all.

Angella said...

Both girls are looking beautiful!

They do grow so very fast...

Amanda said...

Man, Brooklyn is strong! Glad she was kind to you last night and slept like an angel.

Elizabeth said...

I'm so glad that you are doing well in your new digs! More pictures please??