Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Thanks for the Advice

Thanks for all your suggestions. It has to be a combination of things I'm sure. She doesn't sleep steadily because Isabella cannot be quiet for more than two seconds and Brooklyn is not yet a sound sleeper! It's quite the challenge to get Isabella to stay on the ground floor while I run Brooklyn to her bed, and so Isabella always follows and inevitably screams or something just as I'm putting Brooklyn down.

As for the sling or bjorn, I'm just too clutzy. I fear bonking her head while I'm doing things. .I tried that with Belle, (so I could be a good mom and bond the way the books said), but I felt like she was just going to slip out and Brooklyn is extremely wiggly.

I'm sure it will just take will power to get us all on a schedule. Consistency is the key to a happy household. We have no plans next week, and most people will so most likely I'll be home for about five days straight and we will persevere on a schedule then. Tonight I left Brooklyn to cry it out in her bed after her final feeding of the day. She didn't cry solid, but it took half an hour for her to calm down and sleep. Belle did that the first day when we started "training" her, so we're on the road to goodness.

And the lights did get on the tree, and tomorrow we're going to decorate it as a family.

And Jen, all these plans for Baby #2, just thinking through the itch or not saying something?? (I only post it here cuz you made the comment here and who knows when I'll get around to a real email!)


Jen said...

I'm glad you got some good advice and that you have plans to try some sanity saving scheduling. :)

As for us and baby #2- still trying! Don't worry- as soon as I know, the world will too. ;)

Tara said...

even though you are starting to make progress...are you swaddling her still when she lays down...maybe she needs the warmth of the body I know some of my kids at daycare need it when they go from being held to laying down swaddling seemed to ease the transition or the baby bags..I am not sure what they are really called but it is like a sleeper but it is fleece or you can buy quilted blanket ones where you lay her inside and zip her up her arms are free to move but and her head is is a blanket that moves with them..we had a few donated because I personally don't like laying my kids down all wrapped but some of them need it and the bags seemed to work for those ones because I could wrap their arms and lay them in the crib and when I knew they were in there for 5 minutes unwrap their arms so they were free to move when they woke up.....usually if they feel warm they feel secure enough to lie on their own that is why babies usually sleep better with you then in their own beds!!!
well that was a long comment!!! hopefully it is helpful...if not well thanks for reading my rambling!!! I am glad to hear she is eating better!!!