Monday, December 04, 2006

Bump and Flop

Tonight I tried to be adventurous and make something from the Take Home Chef show. I tried to make Mushroom Risotto and Deep Fried Eggplant. I didn't realize how long it would take, or how complicated the process would be so I ended up working in a bit of a rush. While I think we may eat Risotto again, (and hopefully I'll get it right), we definitely wont be eating Eggplant. I like the taste, but both Nick and Belle left their entire portions. Belle will eat anything, even if she shakes her head, you can tell she likes it cuz she comes back for more. She did not come back for more eggplant. And Nick flat out told me he doesn't like it. I guess that's one vegetable that will be left in the produce aisle.

I went out for my second week of Volleyball tonight, (go me!). For some reason my serve was totally off, and they kept on sending it back to me for re-serves. I was so embarrased. But I wasn't the only one getting the re-serve. There is just something that smarts about a 12 year old telling you that you can have a re-serve. By the end of the night I hit three good ones in a row and scored the three points! Awesome. I also got smacked right on my right cheek bone, not a good time, but it was by a friend of mine so I know no one went home beating themselves up for hitting the frumpy mommy.

In my books another succesful Monday.


Amanda said...

Eggplant makes me gag too.

Jen said...

I love eggplant. :)

That's great that you went out to volleyball again. Atta girl!

Angella said...

I've never cooked with eggplant - way to try something new. And good for you for playing again!