Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Back to the Grind

After Christmas gifts we all had naps and watched tv for a bit. Then Nick headed off to work and I took the girls to the youth pastors house for their family gathering. The majority of the people there were teens so it was a very fun time. We stayed until 1:00am. Belle was awake the whole time. Good good times. We crashed on Boxing Day, hit Costco for some groceries and then had Christmas Dinner as a family with some friends. We put the girls to be and watched The Break Up, which we greatly enjoyed.

But now it's December 27th and it's back to the grind. I think something died in my fridge. I like to take December 27-31 and do a huge cleaning in my house, like everyone else's spring cleaning. So that's on the agenda. We're letting Brooklyn cry it out a bit for naps and sleeping, which is always harder after a week of being held by eager arms. There aren't any huge events on our calender to look forward to. The bills are all there waiting to be paid and all that other every day stuff. Christmas is definitely over here. I just have to finish cleaning up after it. The every day makes me a bit anxious, but we'll just keep doing each day at a time and before we know it Christmas will be here again.


Jen said...

So true. The years pass so quickly. It feels weird that the day after Christmas Day is just another day.

Angella said...

I hear ya. Hope that this nest year is a wonderful one for you :)