Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Eve in Photos

I uploaded the pictures backwards, so here's our Christmas Eve in reverse. This is our Christmas tree waiting for the girls in the morning. Well, technically waiting for Isabella as there is one gift under there for Brooklyn. We wrapped Isabella's three gifts in individual pieces so it looked like a lot of loot. We learned our lesson the next morning when she was bored after three presents.

This is the Alphabet Wall all finished up. We were done at 3:30 am. I was ready for bed, but Nick insisted we hang it on the wall outside her door so it would be there when she woke up. Turned out to be a good idea. Nick and Belle started off Christmas morning with some ABC practice while I fed Brooklyn. The pictures are things from around our house beginning with each letter, as many as we could. So for I it's Isabella and B is Brooklyn and M is mommy and P is poppa. Just to help her relate the ABC's to her life.

This is what I look like at 3:30 am.

We went to church in the morning, then out for lunch as a family. We came home for Isabella's much needed afternoon nap. Nick and I did the photo editing for the Alphabet Wall and sent it off to Walmart to print. So I took Brooklyn out of the house to kill the hour waiting for the photos and Nick and Belle made a gingerbread house together! Ofcourse the batteries in the camera died during the experience. But this is the finished product. Then we had to rush to the Christmas Eve services. They started at 6:00 and we had to stay for both. Well Nick had to stay but I wasn't going to bring the girls home and put them to bed without him on Christmas Eve! The service was very fun. Some carols and selections from our Christmas Variety Show. After the girls were in bed we had appetizers and wrapped gifts while watching National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation and X-Men 3. A very fun Christmas Eve.

But for some reason it really didn't feel like Christmas to me. There's still no snow and it just felt like another day with some extra gifts. Totally bizarre. I didn't even get any baking done, (did I mention that in my last post, cuz it's really bugging me). So I am now doing New Years baking.

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