Sunday, December 10, 2006

Answered Prayers

When I found out I was pregnant with Isabella I began to pray for a socially skilled child. The typical pastor's kid, if you know what I mean. Isabella brings a smile to everyone's face, she is jovial and loves meeting new people. She is the most socially adept child I know. When I found out I was pregnant with Brooklyn I feared losing her and so I prayed for health both mental and physical. She is so strong. People who hold her for the first time inevitably exclaim, 'My she's strong!'. Nick likes to say she's enriched, although I think she's probably devolping just like she's supposed to, but she focuses on lots of things and can follow my voice around a room even in a din. And then God did a little more, they are beautiful, and everyone who has met them has fallen in love with them right from the get go. I've already begun praying for the next one, whenever they may come to join our family.It's so awesome to have these daily reminders that God answers prayers!


T said...

Gorgeous pictures BTW!!!

wandi said...

What a beautiful family Amanda. God has truly blessed you. Happy holidays sweetie.