Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Not So Much

Last night I was surfing some blogs and it seemed like everyone was posting pictures of their Winter Wonderlands. I think people in the Prairies have been posting such pics since August, and am surprised at how much snow there is in BC. This picture above was taken last night after a full day of snowing. No joke. That's all the snow that was on the ground after 24 straight hours of it falling.

Then this morning here is what we awoke to. Sure not Wonderland. Up and down our block tonnes of people have their decor a flaming, and I have several ideas for our decor, but with no snow on the ground it's easy to say 'I'll get to it tomorrow.' cuz Christmas still feels a zillion light years away. Here's hoping we have a white Christmas, but even if we don't I need to kick my butt in gear to get the Christmas theme happening in our home!

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