Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Fourth Trimester: Month Two

It's that time again! I began posting about my post partum journey here and it's time for an update.
I think that Month Two can be coined as the month where sleep deprivation and mommy guilt hit their all time high. About a week ago Brooklyn began sleeping from 9pm to 7am and it has been good. Ofcourse I still haven't convinced myself this is a trend that will be hanging around and so I stay up way too late and don't get enough sleep, but I think that's part of the discipline I am currently lacking. Since I'm not sleeping as much as I can, or should, I don't do the stuff during the day that I want to and that's when the mommy guilt kicks in. Yes, the sad but true news is that Belle watches a heck of a lot more tv than I would like and we don't do anything cool during the days. Thankfully Elizabeth writes about the cool things she and her son do, so I am inspired to try. I'm just not quite sure what Belle is capable of. Anyone know a good site of activities for children under 3? It seems like once they hit 3 all doors open and all activities are made for them, but try and find something for a 2 year old.....well at least I can't find much.

I took Brooklyn in for her two month check up and the disappointing news came about. Now, she's not unhealthy and the doctor is not concerned, but she was right at the 25th percentile for height and weight at month one. She had gained 1.5 lbs in Month One. She has now dropped to just above the 10th percentile putting on a mere 8oz in Month Two. She has stayed at the 25th percentile for height though. Isabella did the same sort of trend, but she continued to decline after Month Two until I put her on formula. I do not want to do formula with Brooklyn, (simply because it's expensive), so I'm hoping we can bring her back up. In Month One I pumped, but it got so complicated with Isabella running around and once she started sitting on my legs and holding the pump adaptor thingys on for me I decided to just give Brooklyn the boob. She eats like a champ most times. She gets lazy at her last feeding of the day so that one is usually a bottle, and we do bottles when we're out as well. But to hear that she stopped gaining so well I wonder if pumping isn't worth all the extra effort. I am torn.

As far as 'taking care of me', I didn't do anything in the weight loss/exercise front this month. I remain at exactly the same weight as last month. I have been eating like crap though. It takes a lot more discipline than I currently have. I also fell of the Coke wagon and had about 3 litres this month, but that is way down from what I used to drink. We got a reverse osmosis water system installed and our water tastes so good I think this month I will finally conquer the Coke. I have, however, been taking time for me. I've been going to Volleyball on Monday nights and taking a time each week to do something. This week I just went and wandered around Chapters. I think I'm going to need to become a regular at Amazon because there are so many books I want!

Well I think I could go on and on and on as this month has been an incredible rollar coaster and a tonne of personal stuff has gone down, but I think I'll cut it off here and hopefully next month there will be some measurable changes and some consistency to toot about.


Amanda said...

It sounds as though you are making some great strides and I'm glad to hear you're managing to carve out a little time for yourself amidst the chaos!

Angella said...

I'm no doctor, but if she's eating well, sleeping through the night, and Isabella was the same weight...maybe her weight is NORMAL for her? If every child was above the 50th percentile, then they'd change the percentiles.

Just a thought :)

Yay for good night time sleep!

Mom said...

Don't worry - all of you kids fell to the 10th percentile and never got above the 25th as babies. At her 3 month checkup, if she hasn't gotten up a bit more in weight, ask about a bit of cereal or something - babies used to start cereal at 3 months. Didn't your doctor tell you that as long as she has something like 5 wet diapers a day, she is getting enough milk (I think it was 5 or 6)?

Anyway, as long as she isn't at the 50th percentile, that means she not AVERAGE - and I KNOW my granddaughters are waaaay more than average!!!!!

I thought you said you hadn't done anything on the exercise front? What do you call volleyball? Enjoying it is 90% of the battle in getting exercise!! Keep up the 'taking care of myself' stuff - its good for your whole family!