Friday, December 08, 2006

The Everyday

I think that being a spy would be a hard job. Obviously if someone needs to be spied on they are leading an interesting and exciting life. I think I would get caught up in what other people are doing and forget that I had a life of my own. I would start regalling people at cocktail parties with stories, only to stop mid sentence and remember that that's someone elses' story and not mine to share. Not that my life doesn't have any interesting moments, it's just that 90% of everything I do is the daily grind. And while the majority of my 24 hours of life are filled with laughter and fun and good thoughts, I don't think they're things people would find spy worthy.

The reason I would say that is because I don't have any pictures of these things.

I was doing some scrapbooking, working on Belle's album and planning ahead for Brooklyn's. Only to realize how many events in our recent lives I just haven't taken pictures of. Sometimes I don't have the camera, (how was I to know there would be a surprise shower for Brooklyn?), sometimes the batteries have died, (in the middle of taking a pic of Brooklyn's beautiful smile, or Isabella dressed up adorably in her new pea coat and mittens), or I just don't want to be a dork, (which seems to be everytime I want to take a picture of someone over the age of 5).

I think that on December 31, 2006 I will resolve to take more pictures, even if it does make me a dork. Even if it means resetting a scene I previously missed. And I will do so not only to have scrapbooking fodder but so that when I die and my children are looking at my photo collection they can see we lived a life worthy of spying on.


Elizabeth said...

In my books the everyday is memorable, too. Your post made me think of Harriet the Spy. I loved that book!

motherinlaw said...

I would love to be a spy spying on you and Nickand the girls. lol

Marla said...

the everyday is what is important in my opinion, not just the 'major events' in life. i need to take more pics too!

Angella said...

You can never take too many pics, even of the "every day"


T said...

Good reasoning to take more pics!

It does seem like those 'Kodak moments' just seem to happen when you're camera-less, doesn't it?