Friday, December 15, 2006


I'm not sure what to title this post. I just realized how busy I have become in the last few months. Today my issue of Today's Parent arrived for January. Nothing out of the ordinary there, except I'm still working on October's! That's busy. I do have a lot of fun things to post, so hopefully I'll get some free time amidst our date night, Christmas shopping, tree decorating, light hanging, gingerbread house making, christmas letter writing, cantata, church and Survivor finale. And that's just the weekend! Hope you are all enjoying the holiday season.


motherinlaw said...

I know you are having a wonderful, precious time with your two little girl. I sure hope Nick appreciates you three. lol I love it that he is now surrounded by females!!I do know that he loves you three sooooo much. All I have to do is see the light in his eyes whenever he looks at you and his beautiful daughters. This will be a very special Christmas for your family.Hugs and kisses to all. God bless.

Michelle said...

Amanda, I know what you mean. I just got my January issue of Yoga Journal and I still haven't read the last issue I received