Sunday, September 30, 2007

Calendar Flip

Well, one month of the fall 'semester' is already done. I absolutely love the way the time flows when one is busy. Correction, I love the way time flows when I'm busy and disciplined. This past month has been busy, but very undisciplined.

You may recall me mentioning that we're decorating the kid's bedrooms and that 'after' pictures should already be up. They should be and aren't, so here's a progress update shot. The room started off plain white with dusty rose carpeting. We've gotten really far, eh? Just kidding. The walls have been painted, but need a lot of touching up, (two year olds helping paint is a cute theory). We did the walls in a light pink, with dark pink stripes up about 3 feet. There is a border going in and then some of my decorative touch to turn the room from blah to princess pretty. We've also done the first coat in the nursery, but that's all. Hopefully we'll have it finished before I go away at the end of the month.

Total sidenote- I am going away at the end of October! The ladies retreat is written in pen on my calendar and Nick has booked the weekend off. This will be my first weekend away from the kids since Brooklyn was born, I am so ready for a break!

The break will be much deserved after the October we have on the go. This weekend Nick and I sat down to plan when we will have Brooklyn's first birthday party and discovered that at least one of us is already booked every. single. day. of October. How nuts. We did some swapping and will be able to have a birthday party for her which is exciting as it is an important day.

The fullness of the calendar has put a bit of a damper on my enthusiasm though. I love being busy and every day that flows by quickly right now is a blessing, but I also love being spontaneous and when you're booked solid a month in advance there isn't much time for that. A friend reminded me this week that I can make it because I'm creative. Hopefully that will lead to a month of fun, spontaneous, scheduled fun!


Kim said...

I'm glad to see the Retreat is marked "IN PEN" for you! You do deserve some time that is all grown up and for YOU.

When will you be celebrating Brook's birthday? And do you have a theme? I'll need to know ASAP so I can prepare and send her gift!

I looks like the girls' room will be beautiful but I can't wait to see the after pics. Anything I can send for their room?

What color is the nursery?

You could send me paint swatches so I might be able to match something to them.

Love you all.

Lamb said...

I just know you will totally enjoy the retreat!!!!!
Where is it this year?
October will fly by with you guys being so busy.

Love to all.


Elizabeth said...

I hope that you have a really great October!

Angella said...

Hooray for a weekend away! Hooray!

You deserve it!!

dags said...

oooh, a weekend exciting!