Friday, September 28, 2007


I think I'll continue in the underwear theme as it does take up quite a bit of my day. Changing diapers on two, (sort of), and soon to be three bums is just one of those tasks that must be done around here.

Isabella has done fabulously well with the potty training gig so far. She rarely has accidents, and when she does it's usually because I'm tied up with Brooklyn and can't help her with a tricky waistband or something. Every now and then we put a Pull Up on her for a car ride that involves one of the 400 highways as a 20 minute drive can turn into two hours on them. She'll use the toilet at people's houses, at stores, at baseball stadiums. It really has gone a lot better than I anticipated.

As long as you're just talking about peeing.

There's something about pooping on the toilet that Isabella just isn't digging. She'll hold it in all day until we put on her Pull Up for the night and then within minutes she'll have taken a dump. Or you can watch her working on a doozie and so pick her up and take her to the toilet to finish the deed, but she'll just stop. We make sure to sit with her in the bathroom while she's trying to poo and if she has an accident we try to explain that she's not in trouble, but perhaps she could try to get the toilet next time !?!

It's not like I'm at my wits end or anything. Wiping one poopy bum a day isn't the end of the world by any stretch of the imagination. And Brooklyn only poops once a day too. Two poopy diapers a day isn't that bad either.

I know that Isabella has two more falls before she can attend kindergarten so we have a fair bit of time to work on the potty training thing, but with my sensitive sense of smell and occasional naseousness I really would like to be done with the bum wiping.

I just remembered what newborn poop is like. Aw, poop.


Lamb said...

Amanda, you are a born writer!!!

Keep your post coming.


Jill said...

Yikes... poop!

Amanda Brown said...

People always say that your own kids' poop isn't so bad. That's a lie. Other peoples' kids' poop is just worse. But all poop is nasty. Oh, the strife of motherhood. :)

Jen said...

Hey Amanda- go ahead and use that poem. I just found it while googling poems about sisters. :)

Elizabeth said...

newborn poop isn't so bad, is it?

I have no idea where to "start" with Hunter, we tried underwear and stuff all summer to no avail... we'll try again, soon I guess...

Deanna said...

I am constantly amazed at how much we have in common. My old, Brooklyn is haven't the exact same problem. She's great with wearing panties all day, and then as soon as she's in her room with a pull up on, she poops. So annoying and I just don't know what to do about it.

karen said...

Sarah did that for a while too -- held on to her poops. I can't even remember what we did, but as soon as she realized that SHE wasn't actually going down the toilet, things improved greatly!