Tuesday, September 25, 2007

What a difference!

Last night while folding the girls laundry it caused me to contemplate what a difference two pounds makes. I was thinking about it because Isabella has outgrown her first set of underwear and moved on to the next size. There is only a two pound difference on the charts that help determine what size to buy. I was trying to decide if we go from 3 to 3x's or from 3 to 4's.

We went from 3 to 3x's and as you can see by the picture they're noticeably larger.

It got me thinking what a difference two pounds makes in a lot of different situations. What a difference two pounds makes to the health of a premature babe. What a difference two pounds makes to someone struggling to lose, or gain, weight. What a difference two pounds of food makes to a starving family. What a difference adding two pounds makes to a workout. What a difference lifting two pounds makes to someone shaking under a load.

Two pounds sounds almost insignificant but when you really think about it, it's rather large. Just as most of the small things in life are really bigger than they seem at first. For example, I never thought I would learn life lessons from folding underwear!


Elizabeth said...

wild updates, Amanda. Your girls are getting so big. I can't believe that Brooklyn is nearly one! Time sure flies. Before you know it, you will be momma of THREE!! Yahoo!

Lamb said...

Hi Amanda,

Life lessons come in all shapes and sizes and at he oddest of times.

I always said you should write a book.

How about it?


Jen said...

Belle is getting so big! She wears bigger panties than Abby. :)

Good luck with the pooping on the potty! I've heard many moms with the same story as you.