Monday, October 01, 2007

When the think-tank is empty.

Another week come and gone brings us one week closer to the arrival of our newest addition. We're working on getting the bedrooms ready and seeing as we just did this about a year ago we have the essentials on hand already. It's time to start contemplating a name.

Nick has chosen a boy name that he loves, and I like it. It doesn't send shivers down my spine, but neither did Isabella's name, until I met her. So I guess we have the boy side of things taken care of.

There is potential for another girl and so I must consider those options as well, except I can't think of any! For me how a name sounds is just about as important as what it means as you can see from the other names we've chosen.

I've been trying to think of what meaning goes best with this babe's life thus far. I tried looking at online baby name finders, but that was rather difficult. I think the phrase I would use to sum up what I want the baby's name to mean is 'a change of perspective'. I wonder where that search will take me.


Lamb said...

Hi Amanda,

There are a lot of interesting names and meanings on this site.

There are names from Africa, the Bible, mythology, English, Irish, everything in the world.

But I went almost brain dead looking through them all and I don't even have to make the choice. lol

God bless


Kim said...

The name may not have to actually mean what you want it to as long as it reminds you of what you want it to. Like if a character in a movie had a name you liked and the character made you think of changing perspective, maybe you would want to use that name. Or like Esther, in the Bible; her perspective really changed.

Just a thought that might help you along in making the decision.

Elizabeth said...

Good luck being guided to the perfect name for this new babe.

mrcds said...

Been a while, but I am thrilled to see that the thing you call belle is as ugly as I expected. You may want to apply to have her name changed to MUTT and while you're at it call the other one JEFF. I can only hope that your third creature is male, then it may have a fighting chance of making something of his life instead of the miserable poverty and deprivation the other 2 things are going to have.

Do the world a favor and get yourself fixed thus bringing no more misery and ugliness into this world.