Saturday, September 22, 2007

The warbled belly shot.

The belly shot looked normal when I uploaded it and everything but somehow it's quite warbled on the sidebar there. I'm too untechnological to fix it, I'll try and update it soon.

Things are going well, and as long as it's lasted being pregnant I am on the journey to the end. I now have appointments every two weeks, which to me always makes things go faster! Everything is still normal, good heartbeat, good blood pressure. I really just have uneventful pregnancies! The baby's head is down and I've already been getting a tonne of Braxton Hicks that take my breath away. I know that really doesn't mean anything as far as when this baby is going to be born, but it feels like the light at the end of the tunnel. A pleasant reminder that we truly aren't pregnant forever!


Marla said...

you look great amanda! i can't believe you are so far along already. seems like just yesterday that brooke was born! good luck!

Angella said...

Lookin' good, Amanda!

It's going so fast!!


Amanda Brown said...

Cute top. Something about a pregnant woman in polka dots just feels so right. :) Love it.

Jen said...

How time flies! lookin' good.

Kim said...

You look great! I'm glad the outfit fits you too!

Call me. We need to talk about our trip out there. I'm home Monday and Wednesday evening and Thursday too as we're doing De's Birthday then.

Love ya'll!!


Tanneal said...