Monday, September 17, 2007

I'm 30.

As in 30 weeks pregnant, I didn't suddenly skip three years of my life! I've been waiting to do a pregnancy post when I have an updated picture of the belly, but at this moment the camera batteries are spread among various pieces of technology we cannot operate without. I will take one and post it there on the right in the next day or two.

This pregnancy has been quite weird for me in several ways. The major one being that I have been pregnant forever. Can anyone remember when I posted that first ultrasound picture? I don't blame you if you can't, wasn't it sometime in the late 1900's? I am truly amazed at how I daily marvel at how quickly Brooklyn has grown from newborn to one-next-month and at the same time this pregnancy has most definitely surpassed it's expiry date.

However, on Thursday I went to get my RhoGAM shot and I had to go to the hospital to do so. I should have left early in order to deal with the assanine registration process at our hospital, but I put it off over and over. There was nothing in me that wanted to listen to other women labor. Finally I got to the hospital and they sat me in an empty delivery room. There I sat in the rocking chair looking at the bed all set up for the next laboring woman and the baby warmer there for the new babe. I started to get so nervous and tense and anxious. I am so ready to no longer be pregnant, but I'm not so much looking forward to the process of ending it. Luckily L&D was completely empty. Completely, as in not a single laboring woman, not a single newborn babe. The recovery beds were full of people from other wards all definitely beyond their procreation days. It took just shy of an hour for them to enter my name into a computer, go to the pharmacy to get the shot and come in to greet me. Then 30 seconds for them to stick me with the needle and send me on my way.

I have a love hate relationship with hospitals.

Another weird thing for me is that I'm totally nesting. I did not nest at all with either of the others. Possibly that was because we had major moves during both of my previous pregnancies, I don't know. There are little sticky note lists in each room about what must be accomplished in the next 10 weeks and we're working hard around nap times to decorate the girls rooms. I am actually looking at the calendar and scheduling time to have Nick move our major appliances so I can clean behind and under them. It's a bizarre thing for me.

Other than that it's pretty much pregnancy as usual. I have very mixed emotions about our third baby. I am totally excited for the possibility. I love that someone new will be joining our family, that we'll be able to snuggle a newborn again, that I get to make baby announcements and get all 'Anne Geddes Holiday Edition'. I'm excited to see Belle and Brooklyn welcome a new little person into our lives. It is very exciting. But on the other hand I so desperately want our next baby to be a boy. Both of us really, really do. I know that a healthy baby is the ultimate gift, and I don't want to belittle that in any way- I will be so content no matter what gender our baby is. It just might take me a few days post birth to get there. I was joking with a lady on Sunday that the real reason you can stay in the hospital after the baby is born is so that you can cry about whatever without having to entertain guests. Whether it be the birth going the completely opposite direction from your birth plan, or welcoming your third girl (ohmygosh the estrogen!), to the world. By the time the release you, you're all giggly and smiley and excited about this little person. I was a little shocked when she nodded in complete agreement. So, I don't think it makes me an awful person to admit that I will need a minute or two if we have another girl.

I think my computer time must be about up because the muse for this post is kicking me rather hard as if to say; "stand up lady I need a stretch!".


Susie said...

Thanks for the comments on the ol' blog, Amanda. I have to say that I have quite enjoyed your last few posts too. Especially the honesty one. I think we all long for a friend that we can truly let down our guard with and just be ourselves. If you ever want to get together for tea or playdate or whatever. I would love to meet you face to face. :)

Lamb said...

Wow, Amanda, you are super organized for this baby!
Are the girls going to be in one room together??
How are you decorating? Sounds like fun. I bet you have a hundred ideas.
I also appreciate your honesty in the last few posts. Too often people just post when everything is going swimmingly. If we are brave enough to be honest we can encourage each other and not beat ourselves up.
God bless
John 14:27

Elizabeth said...

Oh the joys of the kicks. I miss it already - what am I crazy?
Just wanted to send you love...

Angela said...

You sound so organized! I have just over 13 weeks to go and I am not nesting quite yet although my list of what I do "want" to get done before this baby arrives just keeps getting longer and longer! I too appreciate your time with God I have to admit has been pretty lacking this summer but recently have started to get back on track and I am really enjoying it and seeing how much I need it!