Thursday, September 06, 2007

Blog Blankin

I've been having a few weeks of blankness as to what to write about on my blog. Do you ever have those weeks were it feels like everyone else has more of a life than you? I really have no idea what people do when they aren't with me, but it seems like everyone else leads a more fascinating life than me sometimes.

I don't have any children starting any grade of schooling. I'm not eagerly anticipating a new arrival. I haven't bought a new house or new toy, I'm not embarking on or returning from any exciting excursions.

Just a few weeks of regular life. I don't mind it, but it makes for some very boring blog fodder. And I find it makes me a bit pessimistic. What do you mean I haven't been invited out in two weeks, am I not cool enough anymore??

Next week we start putting some things in place schedule wise. Our weekly drop in time at the Early Years Center begins on Monday, we have Ladies Time Out on Thursday, our small group should be starting up again either this week or next I think. I've got crop nights beginning next friday. It will be nice to have a full schedule, I really am looking forward to being with people, outside of my house for a purpose other than buying groceries!

We've also begun decorating the kid's rooms so there will be some fun pictures of that in the next week. Stars and Moons and Princesses. And I should probably start documenting this pregnancy a bit better. I did pretty good with the first two babes, but I don't want Baby #3 to be the one without a baby book or any memoirs.

Even after all that airing of the brain I am stilll quite blank.


Tara said...

Don't worry. We all feel blank sometimes! Enjoy all your activities next week!

Will said...

Take a deep breath. Once things get wicked busy again, its possible this break becomes just a longing memory.

Lamb said...

Enjoy!!!! while you can. lol

I think everybody feels more with it when there is a full schedule.

Elizabeth said...

Have a great weekend, Amanda!

karen said...

Hey --

I always feel like people have more going on than me -- or are funnier, or better writers, or more popular....makes for some dry times on my blog too.

But the busyness is about to start -- what do you mean you're not waiting for an arrival?!?! :)