Monday, September 24, 2007

Cheesy Update?

So, here's a brief update on Isabella and 'The Hoover'. Isabella has officially entered the terrible twos. She is however adorable at the same time. Today during a temper tantrum she bashed her head off my nose and I actually howled in pain and cried for a minute or two. Her head is solid stuff! As soon as I started crying she forgot what she was having a tantrum about and wiped away my tears and kissed my nose better. It's a funny balance between cute and misbehaviour here!

Her curiosity continues to grow each day and her questions and imagination continue to catch me off guard. I am astonished at the number of times a day she asks to go to school. When I tell her she's not yet old enough she grabs her keys and this toy she has that looks like a lunch box and heads to the door anyway. She stands at the front door for a bit and then comes down the hallway stating; "Honey I'm home, I had a great day!".

This is her trying to get in her bedroom while Nick paints the tall parts. Climbing was a little too painful for her. She has since figured out how to push out the bottom part and crawl under.

Brooklyn will be one in mere weeks, isn't it crazy? She has begun to develop a sense of humor that is uber cute. It's not giggley and hamish like Isabella's but more subtle and witty. She knows when she's doing something cute and eggs you on to laugh with her eyes. She's climbing well, cruising well and will walk beside you holding one hand. She sleeps so peacefully all night and two naps a day, (when it fits our schedule, one loooooong one when it doesn't). The only skill I think she is 'behind' Belle in is learning to use a spoon. I think I've mentioned before that Brooklyn is not a tidy eater. She really has no use for a spoon. But she inhales everything. I am pretty sure she actually ate more than me at supper yesterday, and she always eats her portion and what Belle leaves behind. I'm curious to see what her weight will be at one year, I'm thinking we hit the 'triple her birthweight' expected, (roughly 21 lbs).

This week Isabella tried pronouncing the word 'particularly'. She uses it in context and it cracks me up. 'I like my socks, paticularly the blue ones." I can hardly wait for them to have conversations with each other! I'm sure they'll be waxing eloquent far before I'm ready.


Lamb said...

What fantastic shots of the girls. I love your stories too. You really should write books. You have such a distinct way of putting things.
Only trouble is we can't download the pix from your blog.


Kim said...

I miss you all soooooo much! Thank you for all the descriptions of the girls' progress. I can't wait to see them and you and Nick! It seems like forever since we've been together. :(