Friday, August 25, 2006

Um, Excuse me?

So I was reading through everyone's guesses on the baby pool. It will be interesting to see if anyone gets it right on! And although the consensus seems to be another girl in October, I am going to continue to wish for a boy in September!!

Then the last comment caught my eye: "I didn't realize that you were so ugly......115 lbs what kind of a joke is that . You are an ugly, fat, beached whale. "

It's true, someone wrote that on my blog as an anonymous comment. What do I say to that? Well I could delete it, but that just aids and abets the anonymous coward. I could pretend it hurts me, but in actuality it doesn't. All I can do is just sit in wonder at what sort of person has nothing better to do than to attempt to demean people they don't know. I'm quite curious as to who you are anonymous. Quite curious indeed.


Angella said...

I don't get it at all...

I'm glad it didn't hurt you - you look great!

Amanda said...

You don't deserve that ridiculous negativity. I hope that anonymous
LOSER either leaves here or at least gets the balls to leave their real name. Cowardice is really pathetic.

Mom said...

Hey 'Manda! Guess who!

You look wonderful - very much about the same as when I arrived 1 week before Belle's birth!

I'm glad that whoever 'Anonymous' may be, it isn't bothering you to have some sad, mean person wasting his/her time hurting people he/she doesn't even want to identify him/herself to. Obviously he/she has NO self-esteem and only feels good being nasty to others - and not enough guts to do it in person.

Let me see...this pregnancy is too much like the first, so I am going with a girl as well. Maybe about Oct 1 - or just 'cause its De's birthday, Sept 28. Names? I'm guessing, because of your reasons for Belle's names, Cynthia (Cindy) Jasmine, or something as equally out of left field for our family.

Keep taking care of you and baby and Belle and Nick - hope he has more idea of what he's doing!!!

Love ya!

geeksters said...

That's so mean. Good for you for being strong.

I had someone making hurtful comments on my blog, but I stood up for myself and somehow he and I became cyber-friends.

I hope you get your boy in September:)

Lindsay said...

This whole blog life never seems to stop surprising me. I'll never understand people who can be rude, mean and hurtful delibratly. I'm glad that you are not taking that to heart, and that you know you look FANTASTIC!!!

Oh and I forgot to put my guess on the baby, so I'm going to say a boy, and lets hope September but I think October. For names I'm not to sure. I'm a fan of Kaine, or Kade, Jacob, but thats me.

Michelle said...

I, too, have no idea why people go around writing meanspirited things on other peoples blogs. Chin up.

you're freakin awesome sister:) haha said...

well i hope you dont have the baby on my birthday like mom said. cause. well its my birthday muahah:P. and i think your gunna have a boy but who knoes:).. and your beautiful:)

kelle said...

Amanda, I know all too well what it's like to be on the recieving end of a nasty comment from "anonymous". You can't let them bother you...the fact that they are staying "anonymous" means they are cowardly. The one I recieved went something like this "You should really use the money from the insurance company for plastic surgery or you will be the ugliest bride ever"

Elizabeth said...

some people are disgusting. I missed the baby pool... I say (to please you- hehe) September 30th, 3am, 7 lbs 9 oz, girl