Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Second and Third

This is the second floor. It's the best angle I can get, as this is from the doorway. Again looking at the computer screen there is just a wall to the right side, and the stairs continue to the third floor. It's as wide as our queen bed frame with about two feet on either side. On the left there is a walk in closet and a small bathroom.
And finally the third floor which belongs to the kids. This is taken with Nick reaching above his head while standing on the stairs. The door you're looking directly into is Belle's room, the door that is closed is a closet and just behind that is the second room. On the left where you can't see there is the bathroom. It's a really small landing leading into the three rooms, it takes about three steps to get from Belle's room to the bathroom.
And that's our home as best I can get! I'll probably have more pics on here of the nursery, once it's not a room of boxes and of Belle's room once we've added some character.


T said...

LOVE IT!!! It's just so 'quaint' (sp?).

How are you managing all those stairs though??

motherinlaw said...

Lots of steps. You must be worn out by the end of the day!!! Does it tire Belle out???