Monday, August 28, 2006

A Human would be nice.

I just spent all afternoon on the phone looking into things like getting health cards, and switching over our insurance and all that jazz. I spoke to one person. One person of about 11 numbers. Where did the people go? Are a bunch of people getting paid to sit in an office an not answer the phone? If they are, how do I get that gig!

On the upside the one gentleman I spoke with was very helpful. I called just to change the address on my banking information and he spent a good 20 minutes trying to give me helpful options that the bank will do for only a nominal fee in order to help me raise the balance in my savings account. I knew I couldn't commit to anything today due to still not knowing Nick's wages, but I listened and interacted with him.

It's amazing what you'll do to talk to a grown up when you spend all day with a toddler of limited vocabulary!


T said...

J was on the phone to our bank today to, but was on hold for an hour!!

It is very satisfying to get a real person who cares on the other end=0

Jen said...

I'm in the middle of those same phone calls and application forms. So fun.

Angella said...

I HATE the machines!!!!

Hope you got to talk to more people :)