Tuesday, August 15, 2006


One of our stops on the trip out to Ontario was at the Mall of America. We drove from Regina to Minneapolis in one day, and it took much longer than expected. At about 2:00am we finally pulled up to our hotel and all of us fell asleep immediately. We slept right through our alarm, right through the Continential breakfast! But we did manage to get out on time for the check out. Our main reason for stopping at MOA was their aquarium exhibit. It's very, very cool. You start off looking into a few ponds of fish and turtles and then you step onto a moving sidewalk. All up the sides of the walls and over your head fish swim. And there are lots of sharks and very large turtles as well. Isabella had a wet diaper which I didn't realize right away and she was pretty cranky until we got that taken care of. But she really enjoyed the fish.

At the end of the moving sidewalk they have some exhibits of movies featuring the ocean like Pirates of the Carribean and Titanic. It wasn't that exciting. After that you come directly into the gift shop, (did someone plan that?), and then there's a play structure in the shape of an old treasure ship that the kids can play on. Isabella loved that and I loved getting to sit down for a bit, my feet were sooooo swollen. She picked up the skipping rope and hoola hoop and tried to use them, yet another surprise to me, when did she even see a hoola hoop? She had a great time.


Angella said...

Looks cool!

Your feet are swelling? And you're leaking already? Poor girl - make sure you get those feet up!

T said...

That looks so fun for kids their age! I've gotta find an aquarium to take our Gman to one of these days...he would LOVE IT too!

kelle said...

Looks like you guys enjoyed your time there!