Monday, August 14, 2006

First Time

Belle had a few firsts on our trip to Ontario. This picture was taken in North Dakota after her first border crossing, her first dinner at Applebees and her first taste of the good old USA. She really enjoyed her dinner, especially when all the waiters came to sing "Happy Birthday" to a lady at the next table. I cannot believe how excited she got-and remained- even though the celebration wasn't at our table.

Another first was her first time drinking out of a straw. This happened in Minnesota. I had been thinking about teaching her how to so we could start bringing juice boxes on outings instead of potentially leaky sippy cups. We went into a restaurant for dinner and the waiter brought her a kids cup complete with lid and straw. (Up until this point her drinks have been brought in regular glasses and I pour them into a sippy cup.) She was so thirsty she grabbed the glass and started sucking back. She's pretty good at it, except she forgets that she doesn't need to tip the glass, so we're working on it. But I was impressed. I think that the straws, and the coloring mats were the highlight of our trip for her. Now whenever we go out to eat she looks around for crayons. There usually aren't mats to color on at people's homes though. Perhaps it's a trend we'll start.


Jen said...

I love Applebees. :)

She is so sweet and growing so quickly! Abby has just recently learned that you don't have to tip when you are drinking with a straw.

T said...

Gid was the same with tipping the cup even though it had a straw! They figure it out fast though the first few times they get a little wet from tipping just a little too far=)

Sam said...

Holy moly! Is Isabella ever growing!!

It seems like you guys have one adventure after another.