Saturday, August 19, 2006

Our New Place

A few days ago a friend asked me to put up some pictures of our new home as she was still seeing us in our basement suite and needed that vision updated. So, here is our new townhouse. Come on in. That is if you pick the right door! (Insert evil laughter here).

I guess I kind of give it away in that my door is the only one open, but were you quick enough to catch that? We read the ad to rent a townhouse and we didn't have anyone come and look at it or send us pictures before we moved in. The real estate agent who acted as a go between us and the landlords did a walk through to make sure it wasn't a dump and that the appliances were working yada yada. I have to say this is not what I pictured when I saw the front of a townhouse in my mind.

Let me tell you how it works. The two doors at the sides of the staircase are for three bedroom units, while the two doors at the top of the stairs are for two bedroom units. The garage belongs with the three bedroom units and the people in the two bedroom units park in an underground parking garage. So, you walk in our door beside the stairs into a hallway, which is the length of our garage. In that hallway is a half bath, a hall closet and the closet containing the washer and dryer. When you get to the back of our garage you enter the living room/kitchen, then there's a flight of stairs up to the second floor which is just the master bedroom with en suite and you continue up the stairs to the third floor which is a bathroom and two smaller bedrooms. I'll post pictures of this tomorrow, (I haven't taken any yet and Belle and Nick are already in bed).

Now the person who lives in the two bedroom apartment lives above my garage. The staircase is across from the back wall of the garage, so when you stand on the landings in my staircase and lean against the wall I am leaning against a wall shared with the two bedroom apartment which is above my garage and you get into at the top of the stairs.

Did that make sense? Hopefully the other pictures will make it more clear, but for now that's the best I can do to describe it. When I'm in bed on the second floor I can clearly hear the lady in the two bedroom apartment answer the phone after it rings (I can also hear the phone ringing). So it's very tight quarters once again. Not nearly as bad as living under someone, and thankfully the woman who lives above our garage is a single 60 year old woman, so I don't think I'll be listening to too much more "affection" going on.

The house is nice, it just needs a really good cleaning and I am slowly getting there. Luckily there is one window in my home so it's not too hard to clean! The tight quarters mean that there are homes on the other three sides of me, hence no windows. And there are balconies off of the second and third floor so there's no windows. There are sliding doors which need just as much cleaning on the second floor, and same in the kitchen leading to our back shared common area. On the third floor there is an outdoor door in each room leading to the balcony. Not quite ideal for small children, but since Belle is still in a crib we can leave her door open with the screen door closed and locked for safety from burglars and it lets in air as well.

Anywho, I will get the rest of the pics posted tomorrow.


Angella said...

It looks nice and clean from the outside, and I think you described it well. Can't wait to see pictures though!


Lindsay said...


T said...

Very nice...can't wait to see more pics=)

Jen said...

Looks good! Looking forward to seeing more pics.

Amanda said...

Thanks, Amanda! :)

Mom said...


It looks nice. I know you will have it ship-shape in no time. I can't wait to come see it!

Hey, did you notice: I learned how to not be anonymous - and just so you know, I wasn't the original anonymous you all were talking to on your last entry.

Love you all!

Samantha said...

The description sounds complicated, but it sounds homey.
Looking forward to more pictures!

Anonymous said...

What a pitiful excuse for a house. You should be extremely disappointed that you have to subject your children to living in such an environment.