Monday, August 07, 2006

Drama, Drama, Drama

So I still don't have regular internet like I promised, sorry guys. The guy came to hook it up the modem is plugged in, there are lights blinking, but he couldn't find the main cable box. We then discovered it was underground and we will need access to the underground parking and cable room. Neither of which we have. So we made an appointment for the earliest available time, next Thursday (10) and we are now trying to get access so all is good this time. Not having internet sucks, but our cell phones don't get good reception in our house and we don't have a land line, that is brutal. And yet the least of our drama.

Then there was the move. Our stuff was supposed to arrive on August 1. However, July 30-August 2 there was a massive heat wave here, talking 47 degrees with humidex and on July 30th the mover's truck broke down--in Peterburough. Thus leaving us without stuff another day. They did manage to find a rental and get our stuff to us on August 2 not any skin off us really, but it was all this hormonal lady could take. While the movers where coming and going, (which took 5 hours to unload what took 2 to load), the internet guy was also there. So I was answering questions, trying to find a cable box, checking off the inventory, telling people where to take things and keeping a 16 month old still. And of course my cell battery died just as it al started!! Drama, drama, drama.

So as you can tell we did get our stuff off the truck. But, the money thing is still very stressful. See, the church decided we would be better served to get an advance on Nick's August paycheck as opposed to a gift of money. Which meant we could pay the deposits on our utilities and get our stuff. But it will still leave us the $900.00 that we were behind still behind to pay September's bills. It totally sucks. Everyone is all "trust in God to provide" and I'm really trying, but each day I know I can't pay the bills brings me to tears and I start thinking about how I can give my kids up for adoption so they can live the life they deserve. It's been very hard.

Which brings me to the final dramatic piece of our move. We had assumed that we were not being communicated with due to distance in terms of Nick's hours and when those hours would be and the specifics of his time here. Turns out we weren't being communicated with because NOTHING HAS BEEN DECIDED. The Sr. Pastor wants Nick involved in every ministry, the Youth guy wants him here for Youth and personal development. So at the moment it would take about 60 hours a week for him to fulfill all the things they are talking about, of which 20 would be paid. And the pay is not going to be as much as they told us so he's going to also have to work 40 hours at his other job to keep a roof over our heads and food on the table. So it's going to be a 100 hour work week for him! Yikes.

For thinking this was going to be a year for us to grow as a family, move forward financially and actually spend some time together, I think I just became a single mother of two who will be finding a speed dealer very soon for my husband in order for him to be able to work all he has to. Right now it's not what we thought it would be. And no one seems to want to listen. Everyone has their expectations of Nick, and no one is on the same page so he's not meeting one set, he's meeting about four.

It's going to be a rollar coaster.

And I know you are all wondering about the baby. I think everything is going okay. I was holding off the doctor search until I had a phone I could use, but the reality hit me that I'll be 32 weeks on Wednesday, waiting is no longer an option. There is apparently a really good OB that people in the church recommend, I'm hoping he can see me this week or next. The baby has started to move alot though, maybe he/she just needed to warm up?

Well, when I get my comp up and running on Thursday I'll start writing more pleasant entries I'm sure. We had a nice trip out here that I have a tonne of pictures from.

Thanks for praying and continuing to do so.


T said...

Oh Amanda! I could just scream for you!!! How terribly indecisive and torturous of the church not to have everything worked out for you guys!

I am so glad to hear though that you are feeling lots of baby movement=) That must be a load off your mind.

What a mix of crazy stressful emotions you must be going through. I hope you are able to pace yourself and take things one day at a time!

Keep us updated!

Jen said...

Holy moly. HAng in there. Can't wait until you have internet again.

Marla said...

wow. ya, keep us updated. we'll be thinking/prayin' for you.

Elizabeth said...

Great to hear from you, although, I wish that it were better news! I'll be praying for you!

Angella said...

I'm praying for you too! I know all about the hormones :)

kelle said...

Sorry to hear about all the stuff that has happened. Funny thing, I was in Peterborough July 30th (I was home visiting my family). Anyway, I hope things get better for you guys. I can't believe that the church hasn't got all the details worked out yet!! You guys are in my prayers.

christy said...

Frustrations gallore!
Soon this will all be but a bad memory. Hang in there Amanda!

geeksters said...

That's an awful lot to worry about. I hope everything resolves itself and fast. I can't imagine a 100 hour work week. It's all I can do to work 40. Good luck and I hope things start to go better for you soon.

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