Monday, June 18, 2007

Well, Thanks.

Every now and then I just have to burst out what I'm really feeling on my blog. I'm glad everyone else can relate and that it comes across as honesty and not a pity party. Sometimes in blog land it comes across like everyone lives a very great version of the life I'm trying to figure out and I get disappointed that I'm at the back of the class. But, once again you guys are so very encouraging and it's great to hear that other people feel some of the same things and work through them too. There's more to say about it, it's not someting that just gets figured out over night, but I'll get there some other time.

We had a super weekend that I'll write about after the kids go to bed, but it was a good one. During the weekend I really realized how quickly Brooklyn is growing up which is amazing to me. I got to see Belle being big and little all at the same time, which does a heart good to remember that 2 doesn't last forever, but it's cute while it's here, (most of the time). And we did a lot of things out of routine which was such a sweet break! We're going to try and do something "new" each Saturday that Nick has off, so we don't feel so caught in a rut.

Well I'm off to play Mr. Potatoe Head and plan crafts for a week of VBS! I am so glad that is what Belle wants to do today because it's 30 degrees today, before humidex I think!

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