Sunday, June 10, 2007

Ten reasons why I need a better camera.

This post is really about the Scrapbooking Workshop we made in the garage. The garage itself is quite small though and with the lack of zoomage on my camera I could not get a good shot of the finished product. The actual workshop is about 75% of the garage space and in the last 25% there is our deep freeze, Nick's tools and a weight bench. The idea is that Nick can pull the weight bench up onto the floor when the room is not in use or set up for a scrapbooking function.

(Picture 1: Garage full of stuff as we started)
(Picture 2: Garage as Nick laid the sub floor, which he did all by himself!)

We decided to do the room as inexpensively as we could due to the fact that we do not own our house. Originally we were going to put a wall across to create two spaces and an entrance through the garage instead of everyone coming through the house. We decided instead to do a "wall" of curtains. We were also going to put in some extra outlets, but decided to just run an extension cord to a power bar. So we patched up the walls as best we could without ripping out drywall, laid a sub floor, put laminate as our flooring, painted the walls, added shelving across the width of the room on one end and curtained off both ends.

(Picture 3&4 : My best attempts at showing the workshop. The shots are taken while standing in the 25% of the garage not workshop space. It's much bigger than it looks.)

The room will hold 8 scrappers quite comfortably which to me is a great sized group. I have a bit of inventory in there, but not too much yet. I made a few bulletin boards to display info on and am really quite happy with how it has turned out.

So far just me and my local Angela have been enjoying it but I hope the slower summer months will bring some more people and some more business. It's been a bit slow, my fingers are crossed that I can pick the business part up soon, I have so much to learn about home business!


Mom said...

It looks really good. You both did a nice job. I hope business picks up soon. As soon as I can, I'll come make use of your new room! You can count on it!!

Angella said...

It looks great!! I hope business picks up :)

Amanda said...

Looks like a creative haven. Hope it draws crowds!

Elizabeth said...

That looks really cool!

Tanneal said...

That looks AWESOME...and so cool that you made it look THAT GOOD for as cheap as possible!!