Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Tornado Warning

Each day Isabella and Brooklyn manage to get the house looking like it has been hit by a tornado. We don't have a playroom so their toys are located in two rooms of the house: Isabella's room and the living room. There are only a few toys in Isabella's room so that she actually spends the majority of time in there sleeping. It still blows me away how much of a mess a basket of stuffed animals and a bucket of Little People can make! Some of my favorite moments are when I sneak up the stairs to check on her during nap time and she's working out a scenario with her Little People. So far about 90% of her animals says "roar" when they talk, but she's caught on to little things that surprise me. For example her little octopus is often off by itself cuz that's the ocean.

Downstairs the toys change around and tomorrow is toy change day. With Brooklyn crawling around so much and getting into everything it's time to move all the toys with little pieces out of her reach. I like toy change days cuz I get a little bored reading the same books each day. I enjoy it even more though because Belle masters new skills when faced with new toys. This toy change we're moving out the crayons and moving in the puzzles. Moving out the chew toys and moving in the loud, noisy, help-entice-a-sitter-to-become-a-stander toys and shifting around the books.

Even though the toys aren't new Isabella squeals in delight, sometimes with a "mommy, look at this!" and sometimes with a "mommy, I found it!" It's like Christmas morning when Brooklyn looks at a new toy. She's got this great eyebrow raise that I just can't capture, that is worth about a thousand different phrases.


Mom said...

That is such a cute picture of the two of them playing together!!!!:)

Anonymous said...

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Tanneal said...

That is so cute about the Octapus being out in the ocean!

YAY for toy-change day =)